Let’s be honest; when you think Spur you think meat. Invite anyone to your local Spur, and they’re bound to have visions of chargrilled steaks, juicy beef burgers, and sticky barbecue ribs. But, in an exciting new move, the much-loved steakhouse chain has just announced the launch of a new plant-based menu at all its restaurants across the country. As much as we South Africans love meat, the ever-growing popularity of the plant-based lifestyle in South Africa can’t be ignored. As more and more South Africans look to reduce the amount of meat and other animal products they consume, restaurant chains are making a plan to accommodate these dinners and their lifestyle choices.

According to Spur’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Robertson, the Spur vegan menu is all about making it possible for a group of diverse people to get together and enjoy a variety of meal options at their local Spur Steak Ranch restaurant. It was important to the team to ensure that the addition of the plant-based options was well-thought-out and the menu had mouth-watering items to excite everyone.

spur vegan menu

The new Spur plant-based and vegan-friendly menu offers a range of mouth-watering dishes and includes meals like Chicken Style Vegan Schnitzel (crumbed, chicken-like flavour schnitzel with a hint of garlic and mustard – R82.90), Chicken & Cheese Style Quesadillas (a tortilla filled with melted vegan cheese and chicken-style strips – R104.90), and Avo & Veggie Strip Salad (garden salad topped with chicken-style strips and avocado – R78.90).

The menu also offers two burger options with a Chicken Style Burger (a bun with a chicken-style flavoured patty burger, prepared Spur-style – R76.90) and a Vegetarian Burger (a bun with a bean-based patty burger, prepared Spur-style – R76.90) served with Spur-style crispy onion rings and chips or baked potato or sweet potato fries.

spur vegan menu

Vegans can also opt to add vegan cheese to meals on the vegan menu at an additional cost or to other vegetarian-friendly meals on the standard menu, such as the Nachos Mexicana, a popular choice for starters and mains. What’s more, the restaurant will also be adding the now-famous plant-based protein burger, Beyond Burger, to the menu from 22 November 2019. Beyond Meat took the US and UK markets by storm when it introduced the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without the GMOS, Soy, or gluten.

“The introduction of the plant-based menu is one of the progressive steps we are taking towards a more sustainable brand and business while giving our customers greater choice, “explains Kevin Robertson. “While our plant-based meals are prepared in a kitchen that handles animal products, we urge our customers to walk the journey with us as we evolve as a brand.”

For more information visit the Spur website.

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