Starbucks Instant Coffee Hits SA Grocery Store Shelves

Starbucks coffee

Great news for coffee lovers, Nestlé has just launched a range of Starbucks instant coffees in South African grocery stores. Instant sachet coffee is big business in South Africans, with local coffee lovers reported to consume as much as 1.6 million cups of instant coffee every hour. One thing’s for sure, South Africa are well-caffeinated! If you’re looking to add something new to your daily coffee ritual, Nestlé’s new Starbucks instant coffees should hit the spot.

While, Starbucks instant coffee isn’t exactly new in South Africa, the brand launched its own instant coffee brand in Starbucks stores two years ago, this is the first time South African consumers will be able to find it on grocery store shelves across the country.

The range, which only requires hot water to prepare, includes medium and dark roast coffees in tins, as well as a vanilla and café latte, cappuccino and café mocha in sachets.

Nestlé is producing the range of coffees in partnership with Starbucks in South Africa, with the products being launched at major retailers such as Checkers, Pick n Pay, Spar, Makro, and Takealot.

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Starbucks instant coffee products are now available in stores at a recommended price of R39.99 for a pack of four Starbucks vanilla latte sachets and R79.99 for a 90g tin of dark roast instant Starbucks coffee.

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