Starting a Fashion Movement with Bamboo Revolution Wristwatches

Bamboo watch

Bamboo is the all the rage in South Africa at the moment; especially in eyewear and wristwatches. Why wear boring old metal when you can be a bit of a flower child and wear bamboo on your face or wrist? The trend of wearing beautifully simplistic fashion made from natural materials is undeniable and knowing that you are doing a little bit of good for the environment by buying environmentally sustainable products is a perk of note. Which is why we are head over heels in love with Bamboo Revolution wristwatches – a local brand that is starting a movement in the South Africa fashion world.

The brand was started by owner, Amy de Castro (and three other partners who she has since bought out to become sole owner of the company) as part of a university project in 2012 and now, three years later the business is thriving. Amy has steered the business to great heights and today the Bamboo Revolution range is being sold in 8 different countries including South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Bamboo watches

We love that the Bamboo Revolution wristwatches are simple, yet striking on your wrist and are made from natural materials. The watches are bamboo through-and-through (even the watch face is made from bamboo!) and every design in the range is suitable for both men and women. We adore the all-bamboo, engraved watch faces and the vegetable tanned leather watch straps which look fabulous on a man or woman’s arm. In fact, if you and your man can find one you both love then there’s no reason you can’t share it! It’s a fashion win all round.

Bamboo watches

While there might be other bamboo manufactures out there, the Bamboo Revolution watches are quite unique in that they were the first to have a watch face made of bamboo with a genuine leather strap. The timepieces have a neutral watch face, without unnecessary branding which means you can choose the strap design that suits your unique personal style. What’s more, each watch is unique and the personal touch and craftsmanship can be seen in each timepiece with a unique code etched into the back of each watch to show its one-of-a kind value.

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But the watches aren’t just fashionably fabulous, they also help do some good in the world – which means that by buying your own Bamboo Revolution timepiece you are helping to make the world a better place. Shoppers can rest easy knowing that a portion of the proceeds from watch sales will be donated to South African greening initiative, Greenpop (who aim to repopulate the earth with trees). In addition to that Bamboo Revolution is also very particular about how they manufacture the products and the business aims to invest in local, South African craftsmen. The watch straps are hand-crafted in South Africa and the watches are assembled by in-house craftsmen.

Bamboo Revolution wristwatches are available at selected boutiques throughout South Africa and on the Bamboo Revolution online store. Say Hi to Bamboo Revolution on Facebook.

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