TCL Family Smart Watch Helps Parents Stay Connected with Their Kids [Review]

TCL MoveTime Family Watch (MT30)

If you’re searching for a way to keep in touch with your kids and monitor their whereabouts when they’re not with you then you’ll love this new addition to the South African gadget market, TCL’s MoveTime Family Watch (MT30). Many parents don’t feel comfortable buying small children a smartphone or cellphone at a young age yet they still want to be able to communicate with them and ensure they are safe when they’re out of site, equipped with voice and messaging features as well as accurate location tracking, this nifty little wearable from TCL is the perfect solution!

The watch is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform and is aimed at helping parents stay connected with their children. The wearable device might seem simple but it’s actually packed with useful features that parents and kids will love including calling and messaging functionality, location tracking, geofencing alerts, and an SOS button that calls for help in an emergency. It also offers two days of battery life, is water resistant up to 1m, and is dust-proof.

TCL MoveTime Family Watch (MT30)

Parents can have peace of mind when their little one is wearing this gadget as it offers integrated GPS capabilities with a variety of location features – such as indoor and outdoor positioning, and all-important geo-fencing which allows the watch to send out an alert when your kid exits a pre-set zone as set up by the parent. There’s also an SOS button which, when pressed, enables the device to call for help in an emergency. All of this can be monitored by the parent via the dedicated MoveTime Track & Talk app downloaded onto the parent’s smartphone.

The watch boasts a 1.3-inch Colour IPS display which at 240×240 pixels is just large enough to display simple messages and very basic games. While the watch is designed mostly as a tool for parents, the gadget is also intended to offer a connected and fun experience for young kids. The device has a few simple games on-board and also allows kids to connect with other children who have an MT30 watch using emoji-messages sent over Bluetooth.

TCL MoveTime Family Watch (MT30)

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Another great feature is the to-do list and reminder function, which is designed to help children learn all about time management and, of course, make their parents’ lives easier. What’s more, the MT30 is available in a variety of colours and screen faces to suit every tiny person’s personal preferences. Whether it’s a blue wristband and a watch face with butterflies or a pink wristband with a watch face decorated with clouds and spaceships.

To the adult eye, the MT30 seems like a super basic smartwatch, something hardly worth the splurge but look a little closer and you’ll realise that it’s the technology in the MoveTime app coupled with the device’s nanoSIM functionality and ability to connect and interact with the dedicated app that really makes this little device magic. Part virtual au pair, part wearable best friend, the TCL MoveTime Family Watch (MT30) is indeed a gadget both parents and little ones will love.

The MT30 is available through Vodacom at a recommended price of R2,699, or on contract for R149 per month on a uChoose Flexi 110.

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