10 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

travel to Vietnam

When it comes to Southeast Asia, everyone rushes to Thailand, and reasonably so, when you think of their gorgeous temples, bustling night markets, and incredibly cheap food. But, if you’re looking for something a little off-the-beaten-track, it’s Vietnam, Thailand’s neighbour, that deserves a whirl. With ridiculously scenic coastal roads, mountain-filled skylines and a very interesting history, it’s easy to see why you should be making a bee-line for the rice bowl of Asia. We spoke to travel guru’s, Busabout about the beautiful destination and they gave us their top 10 reasons why you should visit Vietnam.

1. Vietnamese Pho

Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’) is Vietnamese soup but before you turn up your nose, it is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before – it’s heaven in a bowl! Made from a delicious stock (beef or chicken usually) and loaded with fresh vegetables, noodles, and general yumminess this is the closest thing to perfection. You’ll find lots of street vendors selling Pho and it’s also a staple in every restaurant.

2. The Imperial City of Hue

Gorgeous temples and gardens fill this imperial city that was once the seat of royal power, but beside temples and tombs, it also has the most amazing beaches. Perfect for a bit of ‘flop and drop’ in the sun.

3. Paradise Cave

Whatever idea you might have of a cave it will be completely shattered once you enter this dungeon-like atmosphere with an undeniable beauty in its detail and design. Only discovered in 2005 Paradise Cave features spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that will take your breath away.

travel to Vietnam
Paradise Cave Vietnam.

4. Basket Boats

Never mind the fact that they’re nearly impossible to steer, you’ll have a blast just trying anyway! As the locals fight for people to ride in their baskets, they’ll playfully have a competition over who could spin in circles fastest and impress travellers the most. It’s dizzily entertaining.

5. To Learn its History

Vietnam is a country with a long line of history in terms of attacks, invasions, and occupying of regions for several centuries. Not only are the excursions like the Cu Chi Tunnels or a visit to the War Remnants Museum enlightening, but they’ll help you gain perspective about the resilience of the Vietnamese people.

6. Rice Fields

Who wouldn’t want to bike through these perfectly symmetrical rice fields all day while locals wave and you only slightly wet your pants when you see oncoming cows in your path? Mai Chau is a perfect village for this.

travel to Vietnam
Rice fields in Vietnam.

7. Food Markets

Food of every colour, shape, and form will be perfectly arranged and displayed every single morning for you to gawk at, drool over, and purchase if you like. Vietnamese markets are fascinating and make want to eat healthier with their emphasis on fresh produce.

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8. Conical Hats

Let’s be honest here, images of Vietnamese in their traditional conical hats (or Non La) are iconic. They are used for protection from the sun by the locals and as a fashion accessory for tourists. Either way, you will buy one and you will love it.

9. Island-hopping in Nha Trang

There are so many activities to do in this country for the adventurous soul, but snorkelling and island-hopping around Nha Trang has to be one of the most fun. The gorgeous and clear blue waters make for a perfect way to spend an entire afternoon.

10. Photo-Opps for Days

Whether you’re looking out towards the ocean, leaning on the side of a temple door, or casually standing next to a waterfall, you’ll come away with so many stunning pictures to share with your friends and convince them that Vietnam is indeed one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia.

For more information on exploring Vietnam visit the Busabout website. They have a Vietnam Adventure priced from R14 530 for 14 days person sharing and includes an English speaking tour leader, 13 nights’ accommodation with breakfast daily and two additional meals, air-conditioned private transport and Busabout included sightseeing and highlights.

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