World’s First Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free, Hangover-Free Gin Launches in SA!

The Dutchess

We’re quite convinced that G&Ts are the best thing in the history of ever. No longer just for old biddys at the bowls club, the gin and tonic is now the drink of choice for trendy, young professionals too. Of course, there are days when enjoying a G&T just isn’t practical – maybe it’s before 12:00 on a weekday, maybe you’re the designated driver for all your mates, or maybe, you’re just trying to cut back on your alcohol intake. Well, the great news is, no matter your reason for turning down that drink, you can now enjoy that distinct G&T flavour without the alcohol AND without the guilt (hallelujah!) Ladies, we introduce to you, The Duchess, South Africa’s very first sugar-free, calorie-free, and alcohol-free option G&T!

The brand-new, ready-to-drink virgin gin and tonic is just as close to the real thing as you can get and has been crafted using natural botanical extracts traditionally found in gin. To achieve an authentic G&T taste, a team of botanists blended re-distilled juniper berries with tonic water that has been infused with botanicals. The result is a complex blend of orange peel, all spice, star anise and devil’s claw that pairs perfectly with a slice of orange rind or lemon. The drink gets its sweetness from Stevia and Xylitol and doesn’t contain any refined sugars.

The Dutchess

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For now The Duchess is only available from select stores but we’re holding thumbs that it will be available at our favourite bars and restaurants soon! A pack of 4 will set you back R109 (about R27 a bottle) from More stockists will be added to the list soon so keep an eye out on The Dutchess website for updates.

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