The Innovative New LG TWINWash Let’s You Do Two Loads of Washing Simultaneously

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Let’s be real, no one truly enjoys doing laundry. We’ve all wished for a way to wash whites and colours at the same time without concern… well now you can! LG has changed the laundry game with the launch of the brand new LG TWINWash – which allows you to wash two separate loads at once. We never thought we would be this excited about a washing machine but convenience like this doesn’t come around every day.

The LG TWINWash has both a main washer (12kg capacity) and a mini-washer (2kg capacity) than can operate independently or simultaneously enabling users to wash different laundry items, which require separate settings at the same time. Whether you need to wash a load of whites and colours, delicates and kids or even wool and adults clothing together, this machine will cut your laundry time in half. That’s right, the TWINWash enables you to get both wash cycles done in just 49 minutes. Even better is that the washing machine comes with LG’s eco-hybrid dryer function – the ultimate all-in-one solution!

The main washer is enabled with a bunch of advanced technologies such as TrueSteam, which uses hot steam to eliminate allergens, wrinkles and odours from fabrics while softening and refreshing the items. TurboWash minimises washing time by utilising powerful jet spray and filtration to allow the detergent to penetrate laundry items. Another nifty feature is the TWINWash’s ability to deal with any late additions you might have forgotten with its Add Item option. Even better is that you can control and monitor your laundry from anywhere with the machine’s WiFi capability – download wash cycles, track energy use and diagnose any problems with this handy aspect.

If you’re into technology and after a game-changing washing machine, LG’s TWINWash will minimise your laundry time and maximise your free time!

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