There is No Secret to Winning the Lottery, But There are These Good Pointers

There are no genuine secrets to winning the lottery, but there are several mistakes to avoid. These errors could prove costly if done once or more times. Thankfully, there are insightful pointers at hand to help you ward these off.

First up, try avoid payout blindness. Remember, the larger the prize, the higher the odds of you not winning it. Also, the bigger the prize, the larger the probability of more people than usual entering the draw because of the publicity and anticipation around it. Even if you do manage to get winning lottery numbers, it’s very probable you will end up sharing the prize.

Next, don’t just focus on the jackpot. There are plenty of lotteries out there with lower-tier prizes that could still be massively profitable. For these, you don’t have to get all the numbers right – just three or four correct could do the trick. Keep in mind, too, for South Africans in particular, global draws can be all the more lucrative due to the exchange rate. The rand has been significantly weaker than the euro, dollar and pound for many, many years now.

If you are committed to a selection of numbers you have played with for an extended period, you can stick with those or try as new string. But don’t overthink it and potentially get stuck in a rut. There is no exact science here. One person’s lucky number might be another person’s taboo digit. The important thing is to know there is flexibility in number selection if you need it. You could even try auto generating digits the next time you play online.

Patterns. Indeed, you can look for these. Read up about hot and cold numbers. See which are overdue, per se. Look at the ones that have been drawn more frequently than others. Contrast recent draws against those from last week, month or yesteryear. This is a method – tactic, even – used by a lot of people.

Watch out for so-called lottery gurus and the approaches they peddle. Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that what they have to say is spot on. To each their own in terms of beliefs, yes, but also don’t suffer fools unnecessarily.

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Also, don’t give up. The old adage of ‘you have to be in it to win it‘ has never been truer. If you have been on a losing streak for an extended period, well, guess what, so have many, many others. Play the lottery responsibly and practise moderation, but don’t give up. Take a break if you need to. Skip a week or three as a timeout of sorts. That’s all good and well. But if you really want to win the lottery one day, get back into it when you feel the time is right.

And don’t overlook the additional games offered by some lotteries. They cost a nominal amount extra but can increase your chances of winning by a decent amount. The SA Lotto – and its Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 – are good examples of this.

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