This Google App Will Help You Save a Ton of Data!


Some people might say that oxygen, water, or money are the most important resources in the world, but these days it seems like smartphone data could be what tops that list, and by quite the margin.

Unfortunately, South Africa has some of the highest data rates in the world, and not keeping a close eye on your data usage could end up being a seriously costly mistake. Luckily, Google has released an app that will give you extensive information on your data use that allows you to track and control it much better.

Called Datally, the app provides useful metrics that can give you an in-depth readout of your historic date consumption and which apps are the biggest culprits — but it offers useful benefits beyond just telling you about your data usage.

One of the most significant benefits it provides beyond a usage record is that the app’s ‘Data Saver Bubble’ allows you to restrict data access on an app-by-app basis. This means you’ll only be able to monitor which apps are busy syphoning off too much data, but you can also shut off access for those that are using an excessive amount and save some MBs (or even GBs) for the ones that absolutely need it.

Its Wi-Fi finder will even prompt you to join nearby networks and give you info about the network like the distance and rating by other users of the app.

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Don’t let data use be a hassle or get to the point where you need to sell a loved-one to cover a catastrophic smartphone bill – take some proactive steps with apps like Datally so you can control the amount of data your apps are using!

Datally is only currently available for Android. You can download it via the Google Play store.

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