PSA: Toblerone Ice Cream is Now a Thing!

Toblerone ice cream

The Swiss seem to hold the heavyweight title when it comes to all things chocolate, and Toblerone is one of the most recognizable of their brands. The yellow and red triangle-shaped box is iconic, but you might be seeing their packaging in freezers instead of shelves soon as Toblerone ice cream is now a thing!

The brand has launched individual ice-cream bars which still feature the signature ingredient: the nougat speckled chocolate, along with the sugar, honey, and almonds, of course.

It’s clear that Toblerone is diving into the premium ice-cream segment, currently dominated by Magnum, but unfortunately, the newly introduced sugary snack is only available in the UK at the moment and hasn’t made it’s way to our shores… yet Of course, if Toblerone knew just how much South Africans like their sugar, they’d put a plan together to get them here ASAP.

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Considering the success of confectionery and ice cream brands like Haagen-Dazs and Krispy Kreme here in SA, it shouldn’t be too long before we see Toblerone’s frozen delight for sale here as well!

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