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We all spend hours upon hours on our smart device on a daily basis, but the sign of a good app is that you can get more done in less time rather than the other way around. We’re going to take a look at some of the newer apps that can get you more functional bang for your back – here are our picks for the top 5 apps to download this month.

Pocket Casts

Podcasts are fast becoming a massive segment of everyone’s media consumption cluster. A lot of impressive content is being produced on effectively every topic under the sun, and podcasts are a great way to spend free time doing something relaxing but not as mind-numbing or unproductive as watching random television content. Pocket Casts is an app that offers a wide variety of quality podcasts, offering over 200,000 shows, has an intuitive and simplistic user interface, as well as a filtering option so you can find only what you’re interested in. If you’re new to podcasts or you’re a long time listener, Pocket Casts offers a quality overall experience.

Download: Android | iOS



Have you ever seen a cool piece of furniture but you were cautious about buying it because you weren’t sure how it would look in the room you want to use it in? Housecraft can help solve that conundrum. By using your phone camera as the viewfinder, you can use a semi-augmented reality approach to place different objects on screen that will appear to be in the room so that you can get an idea of how they look. It allows the sizes to be adjusted and even let’s you walk around them so you can get an idea of how the items look from different angles.

Download: iOS


Actually managing your daily tasks and being productive can be a nightmare to coordinate, but AnyDo offers an improved to-do list experience that makes it a little bit easier to keep tabs on everything you need to get through. You can set tasks, reminders, share your list with others, sync your app across multiple devices, and even use voice entries to add tasks just by speaking. The ability to add media files or notes to tasks also improves how convenient it is to keep track of all your daily activities, but the premium version with more advanced features has to be bought.

Download: Android | iOS

Solid Explorer

With growing amounts of storage on smart devices, it’s sometimes difficult to remember where you’ve stored your wide range of pictures, music, PDFs, or downloaded attachments. Solid Explorer offers a file management solution with quite a lot of expanded utility to make that exercise an easier one. It can also communicate with your cloud-based files and features archiving support that will allow you easier access to and control of all your files, so you don’t need to lose any important data to your labyrinth of a phone memory; not to mention finger-print recognition or encryption for your important documents.

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Download: Android


Having customisable typing options and keyboards isn’t a new thing, and neither is SwiftKey, as it’s been around for years. However, the app has continually developed and added new functions to its offering that will accommodate the custom requests of most keyboard users. From a function perspective it allows the addition of a dedicated number row, the ‘SwiftKey Flow’ facilitates gesture typing, multiple language support, and you can even sync your saved lexicon across multiple devices. If the proprietary keyboard on your phone doesn’t quite cut it give SwiftKey a try and see if you have a better experience.

Download: Android | iOS

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