Top 5 New Food Products Hitting SA Shelves This October

Sir Fruit Probiotic

Last year was a ride, to say the least. But even a national lockdown couldn’t stop the launches of some amazing new food and drink products in South Africa. Whether you’re looking for new drinks or healthier food options, there’s plenty of new things to sip and sample this month. From new vegan sauce options to sparkling drinks, here are the foods we’re most excited to add to our shopping carts this October.

Nando’s Vegan Perinaise

Nando’s Vegan Perinaise

We can all agree that Nando’s Perinaise is a gift from the food gods. But now, Nando’s has found a way to completely remove chickens from the equation — say hello to Nando’s Vegan Perinaise. With the popularity of plant-based diets on the rise, Nando’s has seen this as an opportunity to bring the power of peri-peri to vegans with the all-new Vegan Perinaise — the same Nando’s peri-peri goodness you know and love, without the egg or the gluten.

Available in selected supermarkets from October 2021, Nando’s Perinaise fans can dip, cover and smother whatever vegan delights make them drool, in a sauce that shows them why Nando’s is famous for flavour. Vegan Perinaise joins Nando’s beloved Perinaise range along with Medium, Hot, Lite and Garlic alternatives also available to purchase.

This latest addition to the fan-favourite lineup will be sold at an RRP of R39.99.

Sir Fruit Probiotic Cranberry Health Shot

Sir Fruit Probiotic

Sir Fruit has done it again and created a one of a kind probiotic shot. Introducing, the all-new Sir Fruit Probiotic Cranberry Health Shot – the little guy that packs a punch to help improve your immune system and gut health. For this exciting new product, Sir Fruit says it has sought out a one-of-a-kind probiotic; GanedenBC30 which is an extremely stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore.

Just like seeds wait to grow when conditions are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate until they reach the intestines where the moisture level, temperature and nutrient levels are just right. GanedenBC30 helps to strengthen and increase the good bacteria in your system and works hard to ensure that you win in the fight for healthy digestion.

Packed with all the good stuff, each 100ml Probiotic Cranberry shot consists of: GanedenBC30 Probiotic; Artemisia Afra (offers many benefits for the immune system); Buchu (a wonder plant with many benefits for the kidneys); as well as a very high dose of cranberry.

Sir Fruit’s Probiotic Cranberry Shot will retail from R21.99 and is available at top grocers nationwide and for home delivery online.

Futurelife Smart Food Wheat

Futurelife Smart Food Wheat

Futurelife has launched a naturally wholesome whole wheat porridge; new Smart Food Wheat. The new whole wheat porridge variant is naturally high in fibre, enriched with 19 vitamins and minerals, and has 50% less sugar than South Africa’s leading whole wheat ready to eat cereal. The new cereal product uses the entire grain with all the components intact. All the goodness from the whole wheat — the germ, the bran and the endosperm — are retained, which gives the new Futurelife Smart Food Wheat a naturally higher fibre content. The bran and germ are also great sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all of which play a vital role in supporting good health.

Quick and easy to mix as either a meal or shake, Smart food is great for anyone looking for a quick, healthy breakfast. Each 50g serving provides 25% of your daily fibre requirements and the new porridge variant also contains the functional ingredient MODUCARE, a daily immune supplement to help support your well-being from the inside out.

Futurelife Smart Food Wheat is available from all leading retail outlets in two packaging options, either a 500g box (R45,99 at Clicks) or as convenient individual 50g servings (R8.49 at Checkers) that can be easily tucked into handbags, schoolbags or briefcases to be enjoyed as a meal or a snack on the go.

BT Signature fruit frizzante

BT Signature

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Cheers to summer with BT Signature, the fruit frizzante, available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. Boity Thulo joined forces with celebrated winemaker Matthew Krone to bring this delicious and delicate drink to life. This range of light and delicate peach-flavoured beverages are bursting with flavour. The refreshingly deliciously bubbly is the perfect addition to any celebration or occasion. With spring in the air, there is no better time to grab a bottle and cheers to better days.

Each sip reveals juicy ripe peach aromas, overlayed with hints of nectarine, and beautifully balanced with crisp green apple freshness and a lingering fresh aftertaste that makes you want to come back for another sip. The drink is best-served ice cold. Available in 275 ml bottles, BT Signature Peach flavoured sparkling fruit nectar has less than 0.5% alcohol, while the BT Signature Peach flavoured sparkling frizzante has 4.5% alcohol.

BT Signature is available to purchase at select Shoprite LiquorShop and Checkers LiquorShop stores retailing at a recommended selling price of R24.99 (non-alcoholic) and R29.99 (alcoholic) each. The drink is also available in a 4-pack retailing at a recommended price of R119.95 (alcoholic) and R99.95 (non-alcoholic). 

Woolworths Plant-Based Cheeses

Woolworths Plant-Based Cheeses

Woolworths recently relaunched its range of plant-based cheeses, using a new and improved recipe. Previously produced in and imported from Greece, Woolworth’s plant-based cheese range is now being made right here in South Africa. The range includes Cheese Spread, White Salad Cheese, Cheddar Flavoured Cheese and Cheddar Flavoured Cheese Slices. Woolworths has also introduced a new line to the range, a Plant-Based Hard Cheese (similar to parmesan) — perfect for grating over pastas and steamed veggies, or adding to a delicious soup or veggie stew. The line also now includes two nut-based fresh milks: almond milk and a mixed nut milk, comprising of a combination of almond, cashew and macadamia nuts.

To further accentuate the newness of the range, Woolworths also redesigned the packaging, giving the range a brand-new look, to complement the new and improved taste. The products are completely dairy-free and fully vegan, flavourful and versatile — whether you’re using them as star ingredients to your cooking or baking, or simply snacking on them straight from the pack, just as any true cheese lover would.

Shop this range at your nearest Woolworths store or online. 

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