Top Tip: Fly with a Tennis Ball to Treat Sore Muscles On-The-Go!

tennis ball tip

Packing light is often the key to happy travels but if there’s one unexpected thing you should make space for in your carry-on it’s a tennis ball. You know, just in case you run into Serena Williams at arrivals and you NEED her to sign a tennis ball… but also because a humble tennis ball is the best way to treat aching muscles after 18 long hours spend suffering in an economy seat.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause a ton of health problems — it’s no wonder long-haul flights leave your body in a bit of a state. Travelling with a tennis ball is the perfect way to help out with mid-flight stretching, especially if you experience muscle pain. Its small, lightweight, and can be used to treat almost any area of your achy, breaky body.

tennis ball tip

Standing up or going for a short stroll are both great ways to help ease jet lag and keep your blood flowing. But what about when you’re sitting down in your seat? Simply rolling a tennis ball or back massager over your shoulders, lower back, legs and bottoms of your feet will help increase circulation. Make sure you apply a bit of pressure while rolling to help get into those muscles and release tension. We’re not talking a sissy roll, we’re talking a real massage, ladies.

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Forgot the tennis ball? Simply massage your legs starting at the ankles, and move up to get the blood pumping towards your heart.

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