Mother’s Day is just ’round the corner and coincidentally, Lush has just released a brand-new range of incredible bath bombs! Your mom deserves to feel pampered and relaxed, especially on the day that celebrates everything she has done for you. Struggling to find a gift? Check out Lush’s fabulous new collection of bath bombs for the perfect Mother’s Day treat.

More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb (R125 each)

lush mothers day bath bomb

Steep to your heart’s content as this bright pink fizzing teapot reveals an Earl Grey tea bag with soothing properties, blue cornflowers and delightful bergamot and neroli fragrance. It also contains healing green tea to clarify and cleanse. How about treating your mom to a nice cuppa as well?

Marigold Flower bath bomb (R74,50 each)

lush mothers day bath bomb

Soak in fresh, uplifting scents of soothing marigold, mood-boosting buchu and zesty grapefruit oil. This floral bath bomb will fizz, foam and leave your mom with the gift of happy thoughts and pure Zen. As an added bonus, remove the scroll from the top of bath bomb before gifting, write a message on it in pencil and replace in its little hollow. This way, your loved one can find the hidden message while they soak!

Chamomile Flower bath bomb (R74,50 each)

lush mothers day bath bomb

Is your mom a fan of bold floral bouquets? This bath bomb is the ultimate treat. Soak in the powerful scents of calming chamomile, orange flower and ylang-ylang. As it gently fizzes away, the chamomile pattern on top expands and creates a stunning spectacle in the bath. This bomb also has space for a hidden message scroll.

Lush Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb (R69,50 each)

lush mothers day bath bomb

Winter days be gone! This zingy bath bomb contains a combination of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oils to elevate your mood and refresh your skin. Soak in a shimmering green bath that’ll leave your skin fragrant, soft and smelling of sweet summer.

Madame President bath bomb (R69,50 each)

lush mothers day bath bomb

Your mom is the first lady of your life so why not treat her to a presidential soak? Madame President contains Petitgrain oil, which evokes a sense of calm, as well as uplifting grapefruit, which has anti-sceptic properties. Cornstarch is also added to keep the skin soft, smooth and clean. This one is definitely perfect for a powerful woman!

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