Looking to spice things up at the hair salon? Shimmy into summer with the toasted coconut trend. Toasted coconut isn’t just an ice cream or cold brew coffee flavour — this new ‘bronde’ hair colour trend is perfect for summer and the best of both brunette and blonde! If you’re looking for a cool, easy going colour for summer, toasted coconut hair might be JUST what you’re looking for. This colour is ideal for brunettes who want something low maintenance and easy to achieve as it won’t take hours in the salon chair to achieve the look you want.

The latest hair colour trend involves keeping deep brunette tones at the roots and dying the ends of the hair a vibrant blonde to create a high-contrast look — like a toasted coconut flake! While this looks is great for anyone who wants to try it, it’s absolutely fabulous for brunettes, as it means dark haired lasses can keep their natural or existing colour at the roots.

Toasted coconut hairSo, how do you explain ‘toasted coconut’ to your hair stylist? Whereas ‘bronde’ is a combination of brown and blonde tones with brown hair highlighted with blonde, toasted coconut isn’t about mixing the two. It focuses on gradually fading the two hues into each other, softly melting dark roots into blonde ends. If you have lighter brown hair, you might want to consider dyeing it a darker or deeper shade to add even more dimension and contrast to the overall look. Your stylist will then strategically apply a lightener using the colour-melting technique which seamlessly blends shades without noticeable lines. Following this, a cool toner will be applied to remove brassy or yellow undertones and create the striking contrast which is the key to the toasted coconut look.

Toasted coconut is an easy-to-maintain style to add lightness and brightness to your hair without fully committing to the blonde lifestyle. You won’t have to touch up often because the more your brown roots grow out, the toastier the coconut!

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