Trendiest Prom Dresses for 2019


Yay! Prom is just around the corner. It’s time to start trying on dresses and raiding your mum’s jewelry box. Prom is a big deal, and for girls, a prom dress is arguably the cornerstone of the entire experience. It gives you the chance to showcase your beauty, style, and individuality. Everyone goes all out on this day, and you should not be the exception.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what to wear to prom, here are five prom dress designs that have remained trendy over the years. These range from long prom dresses that are reminiscent of princesses to cutting edge cut-outs that add a little sass to the formal.

The timeless Ballroom Gown

A princess ball gown will always be trendy for every girl looking for a fairy tale prom experience. Its signature full skirt and fitted bodice exude classic elegance that is timeless. This dress can be crafted in silk, velvet or other luxurious fabrics and embroidered with anything from precious gems to tiered ruffles. Most body types can pull off this look thanks to the flattering silhouette created by its stunning A-line shape.

If your date is wearing a tuxedo, a long ballroom gown should complement his look.

Cutting edge Cut Outs

If you have a flair for the spectacular and you want to make an entrance to your prom that no one will soon forget, try out a cut-out dress designed to augment your curves. You can shop for any design that favors your body type, weather or prom theme. Long prom dresses with open backs or cutout sides create stunning silhouettes that bring out a seductive yet elegant look. Shorter bodycon dresses hug your figure in all the right places and are perfect for dancing all night.

With cutouts, you have a vast range of designs to choose from depending on which part of your body you want to accentuate.

The hourglass Mermaid dresses

This is the perfect dress for girls with the coveted hourglass figure. Mermaid dresses hug your figure from the top, flowing down to the mid-thigh and then flare out at the bottom. It brings out a very feminine and graceful look. The traditional smooth flow of a formal mermaid gown can be highlighted with rightly placed cutouts to bring out an entrancing display of fashion.

When fit to perfection, the dress will have everyone’s head turning as you glide elegantly to the dance floor.

See Also

Crop top dresses and Two Piece gowns

This design is set to continue rocking not only the red carpet but also the dance floors of this year’s proms and homecoming events. You can find both long gowns and short two-piece prom dresses to suit any theme or budget.

If you want a youthful yet elegant look, this is the dress for you.

The slim fit Sheath prom dresses

The sheath prom dress is simple yet elegant, slim fitted, has a high waist and ends somewhere around the knee.  This dress is designed to make their wearer look taller and slimmer. It is a timeless classic associated with royalty. This makes it perfect for girls looking for a stately look without the of a ballroom gown.

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