Turns Out Gin Isn’t Just for Drinking – Here are 5 Beauty Hacks with Gin!


So, I know what you’re thinking – gin beauty hacks? Isn’t that a complete and utter waste of gin? Not if you love having beautifully radiant skin! Because, believe it or not, the great white spirit is good for so much more than lazy summer afternoons shooting the breeze. Yup, just when you thought you didn’t need any more reasons to drink gin, it turns out the spirit is actually great for your skin too. Which is why I’ve teamed up with Hendrick’s gin to bring you these 5 oh-so-wonderful gin beauty hacks. Of course, not all of them require you to use your precious gin on your skin – some of them just require you to finish the bottle (easy) and then recycle said bottle in a genius way.

Recycling has never been this tasty!

Hendrick's Gin

Our first hack requires you to finish a bottle of Hendrick’s gin so, invite your girlfriends over for a G&T party and get cracking. Once you have a clean, empty bottle it’s time to pop to your local plastics or DIY shop and get your hands on a pump dispenser bottle top. Make sure you take the bottle along to the shops with you to find one that fits perfectly. Next, take your favourite hand cream, liquid hand soap, body lotion and use a funnel to decant it into your empty gin bottle. Once you’ve got your lotion inside screw on the cap and display the bottle on your night stand or your bathroom vanity. I highly recommend using an old Hendrick’s gin bottle for this as the bottle design is all sorts of beautiful and will add a serious cool factor to any bathroom.

A gin-tastic face mask


Ok, this is the part you need to part with some gin. It turns out that the ingredients in gin are actually the key to flawless skin! Gin is made with juniper berries, which are packed with anti-aging antioxidants, so applying it to the skin can only lead to success. If you’re thinking Hendrick’s gin is too precious to throw into a mask then I would recommend buying a bottle of Hendricks gin (for G&Ts of course!) along with a mini travel-sized bottle of a cheaper gin (for the mask). Before you get cracking on the mask it’s time to make yourself a Hendrick’s gin & tonic. Cut up a few slices of cucumber, two for your G&T and two for your eyes. Next take a shot of gin, a few slices of pineapple, a generous dollop of honey, and half a mango and blitz it up with blender. Apply the mask to your face and the cucumbers to your eyes, grab your G&T and lay back for 10 minutes while you wait for the mask to work its magic. The great thing about this mask is that it’s super cooling and refreshing and will leave your skin looking radiant!

Say bye-bye to mozzie bites

G and T

Did you know the humble G&T can help to keep mosquitos at bay and even prevent malaria? True story! The cocktail was used in the days of the British Empire to prevent catching the disease that was ravaging British settlers. But what’s the secret? It turns out, Quinine, which is used to make tonic water, is also used to treat Malaria and hence it was consumed religiously by the English during this time in order to stave off mosquitos. Of course, it didn’t take too long for the Brits to realise that adding a bit of gin to the tonic water made it a whole lot more delicious. So, the next time you’re in a high Malaria area make sure you cheers to a good night with a few Hendrick’s gin and tonics. Your skin will more than likely stay bite-free and, coupled with your Malaria medication, you’ll less likely to return home with an unwanted reminder of your trip.

Keep ingrown hairs at bay


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If ingrown hairs are the bain of your existence then you’ll be pleased to know that gin is also an excellent aftershave treatment. That’s right, a post-shave splash of gin helps to refresh the skin while also cleaning out any nicks or cuts that may have resulted from your hasty shave. And sure, you could just use a store bought after-shave but this hack is a great alternative when you’re in a bind. There’s also the added bonus of smelling like the oh-so-fabulous juniper berry all day long!

Get shinier hair with tonic water!


Ok, so this hack doesn’t involve gin but it does involve gin’s bestie, tonic water. The next time you stock up on tonic water to enjoy with your favourite gin save a splash or two for your beauty routine. According to celebrity hair stylists, tonic water is the summer beauty saviour your hair has been looking for all along. When your hair is lacking shine and needs a pick-me-up reach for the tonic water. The delicious drink helps to remove any product build-up on the hair and helps to refresh the scalp. But wait, there’s more! Tonic water is also a great frizz-tamer when you’re holidaying in hot and humid places. To find out just how fantastic tonic water is for your hair simply shampoo and condition your hair as normal and then use about 300ml of tonic water to rinse again before towel drying.

And, once you’re done adding a splash of gin to your regular beauty routine, don’t forget to say Hi to Hendrick’s South Africa on Facebook for loads of delicious inspiration on how to enjoy a dash of gin in your drink on a hot summer’s day!

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