Visiting CT’s Hot Spots this December? You’re Going to Need This App

Parkfind app

The end of the year is upon us, people! And it’ll be time to swap the dress shoes and briefcases for beach towels and flip-flops. The natural reaction to the holidays, at least for about half the people who reside in Johannesburg, is to head straight to the coast to soak up some sun.

One of the most popular destinations, for South Africans and international tourists alike, is understandably the Mother City. If you’re in a rush, you’ll likely jump on a flight and head to Cape Town that way, but if end up driving down, or renting a car while there, you might get an abrupt introduction to the daunting chaos that is the Capetonian parking situation.

Parkfind app

Suffice it to say that spots are not freely available when you’re heading into the City, so if you’re going to find yourself driving to some of CT’s most attractive sites and spots, such as Bree Street and Long Street’s prime locations, you’re going to be struggling with parking, specifically during the extremely busy peak holiday period. You’re probably thinking: “If only there was an app for that…”. Oh yeah, there is!

Downloading ParkFind, a helpful app that not only keeps you posted on where parking is available in the city but also lets you pay digitally, is probably a good part of your pre-Cape holiday prep. The main benefit for those hitting the Mother City during the festive period is to help save time and to smoothen the treasure hunt for a decent parking spot. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t let hunting for parking waste valuable time that would be better spent relaxing!

ParkFind isn’t only making your life easier though, as their innovative approach to optimising parking is helping make the Mother City city greener and minimising your carbon footprint!

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