Wine of the Month Club: Celebrate Good Times with the J.C. Le Roux Vivante Range! [Review[

J.C. Le Roux Vivante range

It’s time once again for Wine of the Month Club! I have sampled some delicious wines over the past few months and now I’m back, ready to introduce you to my favourite wine for October 2016. Except, this month we’re taking it one step further and celebrating an entire range of delicious bubblies. Ladies say hello to the J.C. Le Roux Vivante range. The masters of sparkling wine, have revitalised their entire range to encourage bubbly lovers to embrace their individuality and their own unique tastes. Here’s why the range is my pick for Wine of the Month Club this month!

Re-energised with a crisp new look the J.C. Le Roux Sélection Vivante offers a flavour for every type of gal and includes some of J.C. Le Roux’s most popular varietals. These include Le Domaine, La Chanson, La Fleurette and Sauvignon Blanc. By creating a new collective name for these lively, palate-friendly sparkling wines with their signature red ribbons, each individual member of the Vivante family can now express its own unique effervescent flavour. The range is perfect for the festive season and there’s a bubbly for every occasion!

J.C. Le Roux Vivante range
The full J.C. Le Roux Vivante range.

The Vivante sparkling wines are all about celebrating the good times in life and each varietal offers something different flavour wise – from crisp Sauvignon Blanc that lends acidity, to varieties not usually associated with sparkling wine such as Pinotage for its vibrant colour and Muscadel for a burst of natural sweetness. The range also includes two non-alcoholic sparklers, Le Domaine and La Fleurette Non-Alcoholic, specially created for people who want to experience the champagne lifestyle but without the alcohol.

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The J.C. Le Roux Vivante range retails for about R65 per bottle – buy it online here. No matter what varietal you choose from the Vivante range don’t forget to express yourself and cheers to the good life. For more information say Hi to J.C. Le Roux on Facebook or visit the J.C. Le Roux website

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