Women Outpacing Men When it Comes to Signing Up with Sports Betting Apps

The relationship between women and sports has come a long way in recent years. While most people will argue that men have a natural affinity for sports, it appears that women are crushing that narrative as they are now leading contributors to sport and the associated industries in many ways.

The latest trend is that more women are dabbling in sports betting applications than men, and while this may sound somewhat unbelievable, the statistics and analytics from the popular betway app and other sports betting apps tell a deeper story.

More than 4.6 million women joined sports betting apps in the U.S. last year — a 115% increase in the number of women users compared with 2020, according to a report by Global Wireless Solutions. The number of men on sports betting apps still exceeds the number of women by 250%, but the growth rate of women customers is nearly double than that of men (63%).

Nowadays, it’s common to see sportswomen promoting their line of products, such as sportswear, skincare products, shoes and many more. It’s also not uncommon to see sportswomen promoting betting apps.

What’s more, some women like Amy Howe are even CEOs of famous bookmaker brands like FanDuel. GWS found that FanDuel brought in an estimated 1.7 million female customers last year, more than any other betting app. DraftKings, another popular bookmaker, brought in an estimated 900,000 women.

In 2019, the American Gaming Association found that 31% of core sports betting customers are women, while another study found that women make up 47% of all sports fans. Those who consider themselves fans are more than twice as likely to bet on sports, meaning there’s a willing customer base of women who are likely to become future sports gamblers. FanDuel CEO Amy Howe told Yahoo Finance that they see a “huge opportunity” and the company has been actively attempting to appeal to women.

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Brendan Bussmann, the managing partner of B Global, a consulting firm focused on gaming and hospitality, says no one should be surprised that there’s a rise in the number of women betting on sports. “Operators are always looking to bring new players into the market,” Bussmann told Forbes. “We know women watch football, basketball and everything in between and the legalization of sports betting has helped extend that form of entertainment to them.”

Furthermore, sports betting laws are also becoming more inclusive and geared around education, rather than permission. The new laws have generally removed many of the operating concerns around sports betting, as both male and female punters are now able to wager on sports legally in many countries around the world.

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