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We South Africans are suckers for both food and convenience, so combining the two makes us even happier. When it comes to food preparation and even grocery shopping there are loads of fantastic apps out there to help you get the grub you want in a more convenient and efficient way. Whether you’re a passionate cook or you’re just looking for a bit of food advice, we’ve listed our 10 top foodie apps to help you save time and money.

1. The South African Food Recipe App

This app boasts hundreds of recipes and gives readers easy ways to prepare and cook food in a totally convenient way. There’s no need for a shopping list or cookbook, the app allows you to access ingredients and recipes while you’re shopping, while also basing your menu on what is seasonal or on special.

Download it for Android here.

2. The Kitchen Calculator Converter

Everybody will find this app helpful no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen. The recipe converter allows you to convert between common measuring units used in cooking and baking and to scale recipes according to the number of servings. Trust us, you need this app!

Download it for Android here.

3. The BraaiNation App

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This app transforms your Android or iPhone into a BraaiPhone, teaching you how to master the art of braaing by following the simple tips and tricks on your phone. The app also features a nifty little timer, allowing you to grab a drink without having to worry about the food on the stove.

Download it here.

4. RShopping List

This incredibly helpful app sends you a notification each time you’re close to a store registered on your shopping list that contains items you need. The location search even uses Google Maps so you don’t have to manually add in the address. Talk about stress-free shopping!

Download it for Android here.

5. MealBoard

Plan meals, create shopping lists and track items in your kitchen with this app. You can also import recipes and add them to your weekly calendar – all this in one simple app that is bound to make your life that much easier!

Download it for iOS here.

6. Clean and Green

With Clean and Green, there’s no excuse to not eat healthy. It gives users clean recipes that focus on healthy green foods, with each recipe containing nutritional information. Hello summer body!

Download it for iOS here.

7. Allthecooks

foodie apps allthecooks

Allthecooks offers you over 230 000 different recipes along with a fun community of cooking enthusiasts. It’s perfect if you love sharing ideas about cooking, baking, children’s recipes, healthy eating, drinks, desserts and so much more! Simply search through recipes based on ingredients you have at home and get grooving in the kitchen!

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Download it for Android here.

8. Thyme

If you need to multitask while cooking meals, then this is the app for you! Thyme lets you manage your time separately for every plate on your stove and oven so your food is cooked perfectly every time. Try this app if you’re cooking a meal for a bunch of people and need to prepare different components.

Download it for iOS here.

9. SideChef

SideChef is ideal for cooks of any skill level – it teaches you to brush up on basic culinary skills through step-by-step instructions, photos and voice commands. Begin your cooking journey with basic tools and skills, or focus your existing skills as an intermediate or advanced cook.

Download it for Android here.

10. FoodKeeper

This innovative app is designed as an easy way to keep your food safe. It gives you advice on how to store foods and drinks to maximise freshness and minimise wastage. It also helps you extend the shelf life of products and to keep things fresher for longer.

Download it here.

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