3 SA Celebs Share Their Favourite Secret Spa Spots with Us!

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We all love a good massage and chances are, after a long first week back at work, you’ll be in need of a good rub down very soon! So, to help you choose the best treatment to help you unwind and relax we caught up with 3 local celebs to find out more about their preferred massage techniques and their favourite secret spa spots! Here’s where actress, Anji Woodley, presenter, Roxy Burger, and rugby star, Robbie Coetzee go for a little bit of much-needed pampering.

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage – ACTRESS, ANJI WOODLEY

Anji Woodley
Treatment: This is a more luxurious, pampering massage of choice. It is much shorter than a full body massage. The Back, Neck and Shoulder massage can be both deeply relaxing and ease stress and muscular tension, especially when the therapist gets well into the next and shoulder muscles.

Where would you recommend?

Life Day Spa in Fourways! They are incredibly welcoming, and ensure you are well looked after. I have formed a great relationship with the staff.

Why would you recommend it?

It could be considered as less painful and quicker, but still effective. It’s reasonably priced and I love the way the warm oil helps warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Price? 30 minutes at R370

Angels Aquatic Massage – TV PRESENTER, ROXY BURGER

Roxy Burger

Treatment: A full body massage experience using warm Aquatic pillows and the Sherbet Angel delicious Aquatic Thalgo Sea Mineral Balm and oils.

Where would you recommend?

It’s home away from home – Sherbet Angel! This spot is a piece of heaven, right on your doorstep and they give the most luxurious massages!

Why would you recommend it?

It’s perfect for someone with tight muscles and joints. Pure bliss and the ultimate in relaxation as the therapist is able to target each muscle group and locate severe muscle tension/spasms and trigger points. Feels like one is floating on pockets of warm water… giving you that much more than the ordinary Swedish massage therapy.

Price? 90 mins at R750

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Deep Tissue Full Body Massage – RUGBY PLAYER, ROBBIE COETZEE

Robbie Coetzee

Treatment: This massage is designed to manipulate tense and strained muscles to improve flexibility and endurance in the muscular system. It is particularly great as a recovery massage after a race or hectic fitness regime.

Where would you recommend?

Life Day Spa in Fourways! They are the best in the bizz!

Why would you recommend it?

A deep tissue Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on the therapist’s personal style and what you are trying to achieve.

Price? 60 minutes at R650

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