4 Clever Ways to Use a Garden Trellis

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If your outdoor space needs a bit of help, a versatile garden trellis could be the answer. From helping your plants flourish to creating a beautiful backdrop for your entertainment area, the pretty lattice panels can be used in any space, big or small.

For plant support

The most impressive gardens have plants of all shapes, sizes and heights. But tall plants, those with heavy flowers and some vegetables require support to thrive. Climbing plants such as jasmine and invasive Mandevilla will do well on a traditional outdoor trellis. If you have a garden patch, an expanding trellis will provide structure for your peas and beans. And for container gardening, a pot trellis will make sure you have plump, juicy tomatoes for dinner.

As protection

Harsh elements such as wind, rain and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your beloved garden. While you can’t eliminate bad weather altogether, you can create a shield to protect your plants from the worst of it. Rather than a solid wall that can actually create stronger wind currents, a garden trellis serves as a great windbreak while still allowing air flow.

For privacy

No matter how much you like your neighbours, you don’t want them peering into your personal space. But don’t resort to bricks and cement just yet. Unlike a hedge, which takes time to grow, a trellis can be installed immediately and is a more natural way of increasing privacy, especially if it’s covered in lush climbing plants. Add a trellis to the top of a low wall or enclose a patio area with some strategically placed screens.

For decoration

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The best part about a garden trellis is that it is both functional and decorative. A wall-mounted trellis is the perfect cover for a brick wall, while a free-standing one will hide your newly installed JoJo tank. Add glamour with a flower-adorned white trellis or create a charming candlelit alcove for unwinding after work. If you need a large trellis, consider alternating the lattice pattern on each panel for a modern style that looks great all on its own. Natural shades are what’s trending, but if you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your garden pick up some spray paint for the best results.

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