Too Tired to Work Out? These 3 Local Female Athletes Swear By Red Bull Sugarfree to Keep Going

Bianca Haw - Professional Cross Country Mountain Biker

We get it when you think Red Bull you don’t always think fitness. Mention Red Bull and you’re more likely to conjure up images of gamers, computer programmers, and people who like to burn the candle at both ends. But, while Red Bull is still any night owls best friend, the company’s constant presence in the sports world is no accident. Yes indeed, countless athletes use Red Bull Sugarfree to give them an extra edge in their training and competitions so why shouldn’t we mere mortals be harnessing this power too? I try my level best to follow a healthy diet throughout the week and exercise regularly but some days I just don’t feel like I have the energy to go to the gym. Fed up with using “being too tired” as an excuse to skip my workouts I decided to conduct an experiment and see if Red Bull Sugarfree could get me through a gym session with a little more grace and by golly, it’s three months later and I’m officially a convert.

Don’t believe me? These 3 female athletes swear by Red Bull Sugarfree to get them through a tough training session. Here are their tips on how to safely use Red Bull Sugarfree in your workouts:

Kirsten Landman – Enduro Racer

Kirsten Landman

The 25-year-old South African Enduro racer proves that even adrenalin junkies need a bit of a boost every now and then. The challenge of being a female rider competing against the boys in the tough terrains that they ride in is what she thrives on and Kirsten Landman says that each ride, race, or training session accomplished feels like an achievement on its own, every time.

Kirsten uses Red Bull Sugarfree to keep her going when she’s on her bike. “When I go riding my kit bagged is packed with all the necessary goodies including riding pants, riding shirt, helmet, goggles, knee braces, gloves, Leatt Brace, socks, boots, and a 2-litre hydration pack mixed with water and a can of Red Bull Sugarfree energy drink, explains Kirsten.

Red Bull can help boost your concentration and keep you alert during a tough workout and mixing it with your water during a workout is a great way to stay hydrated but still ensure you get a little extra kick. Red Bull can be consumed before, during, and after sportive activities but it’s important to remember that it has not been formulated to deliver re-hydration and that water should be consumed in addition to Red Bull during exercise.

Bianca Haw – Professional Cross Country Mountain Biker

Bianca Haw - Professional Cross Country Mountain Biker

Being a Cross Country Mountain Biker is no joke, just ask 21-year-old KZN-born, Bianca Haw. When she’s not competing, Haw likes to keep her training fresh and varied and likes to mix things up with a combination of cycling, running, canoeing, and time in the gym.

Bianca uses Red Bull to increase her performance and help her stay focused during competitions and while in the gym. “Before a high-intensity gym session, I always mix half water and half Red Bull Sugarfree. That way I’m getting the extra caffeine kick which always helps me perform better and I’m getting in the hydration from the water,” explains Bianca. “The caffeine and B vitamins help a lot, allowing you to get through the session a lot easier and it, of course, perks up your overall energy levels! Red Bull Sugarfree is especially beneficial for women who are trying to avoid extra calories and caffeine speeds up your metabolism even more when you are working out.”

Bianca also stresses the importance of eating after your workout. “It’s always important to have something to eat within 30-minutes after training. This is your optimal window to boost recovery.” Bianca recommends eating proteins like a hard-boiled egg, nutbar, or tuna on rice cakes to aid recovery after a tough workout.

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Angelique Fredericks – Yogi

Angelique Fredericks

Cape Town-based influencer and dedicated yogi, Angelique Fredericks, knows first hand about the stress of trying to keep energised on the go. Angelique started practising yoga 4 years ago after her Physiotherapist recommended that she try yoga for increased mobility and to manage some of the debilitating symptoms associated with her Fibromyalgia (a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues).

Angelique explains that one of the toughest obstacles she’s had to overcome was a mental one. “I had to overcome my mind and find my way to my mat on days where I could barely get out of bed because of the chronic pain I experience daily.” These days Angelique combines yoga with running and to keep herself energized throughout the day she looks to Red Bull. “Sometimes for an extra boost, when training sprints at the track I add Red Bull Sugarfree to my water and it really helps me on days when I need extra energy.”

With over 4900 followers on Instagram (and growing daily) Angelique is all about encouraging people to get moving, no matter their size, shape, or fitness level. “The whole reason I started posting my yoga practice [was] to inspire “normal bodied” people that if I can do it, so can you and most importantly, to bring awareness to what your body is capable of,” she said. “I am active because I have to be to function but what’s normal for you is never normal or easy for me – seems weird considering pretzel shaped yoga poses you’ve seen. Some days I can barely touch my toes nevermind do a simple yoga pose. Being active is essential in life and beneficial for everyone.”

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