4 Fit Ladies Proving Why Women Shouldn’t Be Intimidated By the Gym

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Listen ladies, we’ve all been there – we’ve avoided the testosterone-fueled weight room at our local gym and scoffed at the notion of attending that boxing class fearing that there wouldn’t be any other women there. It’s normal for anyone to be intimidated by the gym if they’re going for the first time — especially women. Luckily women’s fitness is evolving and these days it’s less about being the skinniest you can be and more about strength.

Don’t believe us? FitKey’s #BodyLove campaign and their kickass female ambassadors prove that ordinary women shouldn’t be intimidated by the gym. Keep reading to find out what #BodyLove means to them and why now is as good a time as any to find your strength.

Melissa Samuels

Melissa Samuels FitKey
Melissa Samuels – CrossFit competitor.

This mom, career woman, CrossFit competitor, and all-around badass babe is all about embracing your body and accepting your body for everything it is and everything it is capable of.

“Comparison is the thief of happiness,” says Samuels. “No one knows what lies beneath the surface of a 2-dimensional Instagram photo so please do not compare your life story to someone’s highlight reel filled with all sorts of editing and life hacks. Always try to be mindful of all that your body is capable of and celebrate it no matter how far in your fitness journey you are.”

Megan Richards

Megan Richards FitKey
Megan Richards – The Authentic Girl blog

The lifestyle blogger says that for her #BodyLove came when she realised that fitness is for all sizes. “Appreciate all the things your body can do, from breathing to giving birth,” says Richards. “Read magazines, publications or blogs that focus on body positivity. Once we are exposed to diversity, it opens our minds and believe me, it is AMAZING! Realize that fitness is not about a certain size.”

Melissa Delport

Melissa Delport FitKey
Melissa Delport – The Truffle Journal

This photographer and lifestyle blogger believes that #BodyLove should be an everyday practice. “Never leave a mirror without giving yourself a compliment and do what is called the body love scan every morning,” says Delport. “I learnt it from the JS health program. When you open your eyes and you are lying in bed, go from the top of your head to your toes and tell yourself what you love about yourself. It’s a magical way to start your day! And if you don’t believe it (YET) fake it till you make it.”

Janet Clayton

Janet Clayton FitKey
Janet Clayton – Bikini competitor

This yoga instructor and bikini competitor found love for her body through acceptance. While she strives to be the best version of herself every day, acceptance and #BodyLove comes in knowing that there are some things you cannot change.

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And when it comes to working out the key is to “start small and be consistent,” says Clayton. “Hold yourself accountable, but also give yourself the permission to forgive. Never hold a grudge against yourself.”

FitKey understands that people come in different shapes and sizes – they love diversity and that is why their platform offers such a diverse offering of fitness professionals and studios to their members. With FitKey memberships starting from as little as R295 per month, and no joining fees, FitKey gives members the freedom to exercise as often or as little as they want without blowing their budget. To check out the full list of FitKey plans or to get a glimpse of the classes available click here. You can also use this WomenStuff referral link to get an additional R50.00 off of your first month!

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