5 Advantages of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

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While you might think sunglasses are just a fashion accessory, those who wear prescription sunglasses will tell you they’re so much more than just a stylish addition to your wardrobe. While everyone loves the idea of owning a few pairs of trendy fashionable shades to mix and match with their outfits, buying a cheap pair of fashion sunglasses isn’t always the wisest choice, especially if you wear prescription lenses. Pure fashion sunglasses might be easy to find and affordable to buy, but if you wear prescription lenses, you may want to think twice about buying a pair of sunglasses from your local flea market. Not only are the lenses poor quality, but chances are these fashion shades won’t be very comfortable either.

Those who wear prescription lenses to aid their vision should be aware of the advantages of custom made prescription sunglasses instead of choosing a off the shelf options from a fashion retailer or the local pharmacy. Poor quality eyewear can cause vision distortion and off-the-rack shades will not provide the support or protection you need for your eyes. But, prescription sunglasses can often be pricey and as a result, you’re usually stuck with wearing the same pair for every outfit. Luckily, you don’t have to forsake fashion for function any more. Torga Optical offers a wide range of fashion-forward spectacle and sunglasses frames at highly competitive prices, giving you the option to own 2, 3 or more pairs of prescription sunglasses without breaking your budget.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 more reasons why prescription sunglasses are a must-have:

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1. Almost anyone can wear them:

Eyewear and lens technology has come a long way and these days prescription sunglasses are available for almost any individual lens prescription. With their own Lens Laboratory, based in Cape Town South Africa, Torga Optical continues to invest in the most innovative lens technology to offer Torga clients eyewear solutions to suit their needs and lifestyle. Torga Lenses are made using the latest German precision lens technology, allowing for customisation in creating optical lenses. Plus, with a wide range of fashion-forward in-house brand frames and the ability to produce lighter and thinner lenses with a range of coatings to address certain vision requirements or lifestyle needs, Torga Optical is a fashionista’s dream.

2. They’re considerably more comfortable:

Off-the-rack sunglasses never seem to fit just right. But, with a pair of prescription sunglasses, you’re able to buy custom fit-adjusted frames that offer a whole new level of comfort. Sunglasses frames are now available in a variety of materials, including ultra-light polycarbonate, offering a more comfortable, lightweight fit. Premium brands, like Torga Optical invest considerably into research and development to make eyewear frames that are made from quality materials which have better longevity. The technologies used to manufacture these frames is far superior to those used to manufacture cheaper sunglass frames. Investing in a pair of quality sunglasses frames with prescription lenses will give you peace of mind that your sunglasses are robust and comfortable.

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3. Your eyes will be better protected from the elements:

While cheaper fashion sunglasses will help eliminate some glare while you’re out in the sun or driving, they don’t typically offer much protection for the eyes against high-energy visible light (HEV/blue light) or UVA and UVB rays. Wearing prescription sunglasses is the best way to not only ensure your vision is well supported but also to protect your eyes from harsh elements. Even basic activities, like reading a book in the sun without the glare, are improved by wearing prescription sunglasses. Torga Optical’s polarised lenses block 100% of ultraviolet rays, cut glare and the lens colour can be adjusted to individual preferences, making it the obvious choice for outdoorsy types.

Torga Optical offers a range of sun tints and ultra-violet (UV) protection coatings including grey (to reduce brightness without colour distortion on sunny days), brown (to reduce brightness and enhance contrast), green (to enhance colours and contrast while also reducing brightness), rose (to enhance contrast in low-light conditions where one might need help seeing shapes and objects), yellow (offering good contrast and depth enhancement in flat light, foggy or overcast conditions), and copper (filters blue light for sharper contrast and definition and reduced road glare while driving).

4. You reduce the risk of further eyesight complications and conditions:

In addition to aiding your vision, wearing prescription sunglasses that offer a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays will also reduce the risk of cataracts, retinal damage and skin cancer of the eyelids. They’re the best way to protect your eye when you’re outside or driving. While all sunglasses are required to have some UV protection, paying more for brand name glasses doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the protection that you need. The only way to be certain that you’re getting the protection that you need is to invest in your eyesight with prescription sunglasses.

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5. They’re a stylish way to take a break from contact lenses:

Prescription sunglasses offer a convenient and stylish way to take a break from your contact lenses during the day. If you don’t want to wear your contacts but also are keen on sporting your spectacles, then a pair of prescription sunglasses offer a comfortable way to look stylish and ensure your vision is still supported. You don’t get the same protection from UVA, UVB and HEV when wearing your regular prescription glasses, and, wearing sunglasses over your regular glasses is awkward and inconvenient. Prescription sunglasses will give an added level of comfort and offer the extra protection you need when you’re out in the sun.

Ready to commit to prescription sunglasses? Shop for the perfect pair of prescription sunglass frames online or via the Torga iStylist Virtual Try On app now. No matter your style, Torga Optical offers something to suit everyone’s unique aesthetic and wardrobe this season. Once you’ve decided on your frames you can pop into your nearest Torga branch for an eye test at just R9o! 

This editorial article is meant to educate about the options available to consumers around prescription sunglasses. It is not meant as professional advice. Consult your Optometrist for more information.

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