Do you hoard your old mascara wands from mascaras long gone? If not, you should be. After a good clean, these brushes prove to be somewhat of a beauty hack wonder. Here are just 5 alternative uses for your old mascara wands.

1. Spruce up those brows:

Forget buying an eyebrow grooming brush, a clean mascara wand is the perfect tool for grooming brows and even blending and brushing through product. For perfect brows, spray the wand with hairspray to style your arches as you would with brow wax — brilliant.

2. Exfoliate your lips:

Keep your lips in tip-top shape with the humble mascara wand. Apply your favourite lip balm and then use a clean mascara wand to scrub your lips and buff away dead skin. Move the wand in a gentle circular motion for a smooth, flake-free pout in seconds.

3. Tame annoying flyaways:

So you’ve just spent hours perfecting your blow-dry only to have it ruined by flyaways. Mascara wands are designed to pick up even the smallest hair, so they are perfect for getting those pesky broken hair strands under control. Simply spray hairspray on a clean mascara wand and brush flyaways back into place.

4. Remove cuticles:

You can use a clean mascara wand to exfoliate your nail bed before applying nail polish and even to reduce the appearance of cuticles. Simply apply a cuticle removing gel and then use the wand to gently scrub the cuticle area.

5. Clean your nails:

Picking the dirt out from under your fingernails is never an easy task — especially if you are using an orange stick or toothpick. Using a mascara wand to scrub or brush under your nails does the trick much more gently. There’s no risk of possibly stabbing yourself in the nail bed which is a win!

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