More often than not we tend to focus primarily on the comfort and correct fit of our training shoes but we’re here to tell you that finding a good sports bra is just as important! Not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why finding a good, well-fitted sports bra is an important part of any workout wardrobe.

According to a study by the Research Group in Breast Health (RGBH) in the UK, your bust moves up and down about 4cm per stride while walking and up to 15cm during running, which exposes your breasts to extreme strain as they are not naturally designed to resists extreme movements.

By wearing a well-fitted sports bra, you’re avoiding back and neck pain, alleviating discomfort and reducing the risk of sagging. You’re also preventing permanent damage to your breasts by supporting them firmly. Women who don’t wear a good sports bra find a negative impact on breathing patterns as well, as there is more pressure on the ribcage, resulting in more shallow and quicker breaths.

A great quality sports bra can make a huge difference to your workout and breast health and the correctly fitted bra should have no spillage of the breast, be firm but not restrictive, and ultimately be comfortable.

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