5 Gin Flavour Hacks Every Adult Should Know

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We all enjoy a good ol’ double gin and tonic with a slice of lemon, but try levelling it up with these ingredients that you’re sure to have in your fridge or pantry. To get started make sure you have a great base of good quality gin, your favourite tonic, (the recommended ratio is 50ml of gin to 100ml of tonic water), and plenty of ice – once you’ve got the basics down it’s time to get creative with these deliciously simple gin flavour hacks!

1. Orange & Peppercorn

Wixworth gin

Sweet and spicy, this recipe works perfectly as a pre-dinner drink. With flavour notes of cassia bark, orange peel, and Angelica root, Wixworth Gin tastes incredible with these flavours. All you need to add to your G&T is the juice (just a squeeze) and zest of one orange, three cracks of peppercorns, and you’re all set!

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2. Mint & Ginger

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A delightful balance between refreshing flavours and undertones of sweetness, this recipe requires 1 sliver of ginger and 1 mint sprig to be added your drink. Try Blind Tiger Gin with this drink – the crispness pairs wonderfully with the mint. We can already taste the summer sensation!

When it comes to ice, the team at Blind Tiger say the bigger the better! “Like all good things in life, a crisp gin and tonic is meant to be enjoyed slowly! So why turn a sunset sipping session into a race by settling for tiny chunks of ice that will melt into your glass faster than you can say “G&T”? Say no to the dilution of high quality, small-batch gins and use cubes that are smaller than an iceberg but bigger than a piece of hail.”

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3. Frozen Gin & Tonic with Cucumber

gin and tonic Popsicle

For a fun summer thirst quencher, Wixworth Gin recommends making your own G&T popsicles. Simply mix Wixworth Gin, tonic and lime juice together. Place some cucumber slices into popsicle moulds, then pour in your classic ‘Wix & Tonic’ mix. Freeze overnight before serving.

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4. Lemongrass & Chilli

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We can’t wait to try this unusual, spicy infusion. Simply add sliced lemongrass and red chilli to your drink and enjoy – don’t touch your eyes after you’ve finished dicing your chilli!

5. Raspberry & Rose

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These flavours melt together perfectly for a girls’ night in! Just place a small handful of fresh, washed raspberries and an equal amount of rose petals to a medium jug of your favourite combination of high-quality gin and tonic.

Grab your favourite friend – the gin to your tonic – and try these unique flavours tonight!

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