5 Reasons to Give Shaping Up Solo the Boot


Summer is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to get in shape! Working out on your own, however, can be frustrating, isolating and often requires a ton of motivation. Not really a recipe conducive to exercise success. That’s where Adventure Boot Camp comes in. You can workout in a regulated fitness programme in the gorgeous outdoors, cheered on by a group of dedicated women.

Launched over a decade ago across the country, Adventure Boot Camp offers women the chance to change their lives and get motivated to keep up with their fitness. In a four-week outdoor exercise programme, you can experience different workout options, fitness instruction, nutritional counselling and motivational training packed with fun and energising activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Here are some reasons why it’s better to workout together rather than go for it solo:

1. Getting tougher together

Boot Camps foster camaraderie since you are with people who are all there for the same goal, working side-by-side to achieve it.

2. More motivation

When you have the support of those around you, the motivation to complete a 60-minute training session once or more a week comes a lot easier as they spur you on.

Adventure Bootcamp for Women

3. Upping endorphins

Researchers at Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology have found that the endorphin levels of those who exercised in groups were twice that of those who did it alone. It is this dramatic endorphin boost that has been credited for turning exercise from a chore into a treat.

4. Mixing it up

When training by yourself, it’s not uncommon to get into a rut – doing the same workouts day in and day out – which can make you feel unmotivated. One of the biggest Boot Camp benefits is variety, with workouts that include short distance running, skipping, ab exercises, focused core work, Pilates, circuit training, teamwork, free weights, mat work and more. In addition to ensuring that you have fun and don’t get bored, this is the best way to get different muscles moving and ultimately reach your desired results.

5. Better for your budget

Cost is always a consideration and, generally speaking, you pay far lower prices to be a part of a group training class than you would for a one-on-one session. Plus, at Adventure Boot Camp, the more camps you do, the cheaper it gets.

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For more information on Adventure Boot Camp visit their website. If you’re still unsure about joining, download a free class voucher and pop in at any location to experience it first-hand before you buy.

Afraid of commitment? FitKey makes it super easy and affordable to have a balanced workout routine and try out new types of workouts like Adventure Boot Camp, yoga, HIIT, dance, and so much more with just one monthly membership fee starting from as little as R295 per month. Every day there are loads of classes of every type to choose from and having all the classes easily laid out in the app and ready to book at the press of a button makes sticking to my fitness plan so much easier. Check out the FitKey classes schedule here to see what I mean.

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