5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Like a Hotel Room

Hotel room

There’s something very alluring and relaxing about a hotel bedroom. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have to make your own bed or that you can relax in blissfully quiet surroundings with no unwelcome interruptions but whatever the reason, a hotel bedroom always seems to be far more glamourous than your bedroom at home. The bedding is somehow softer, the pillows more luxurious and the mattress just the right combination of firm yet cushy. Alas, not everyone has the budget to go on holiday every other week so we’ve teamed up with Sanders South Africa to show you how you can easily transform your bedroom at home and make it more like the hotel sanctuaries you have enjoyed in the past. Here are 5 ways to make your bedroom more like a hotel room.

1. A change is as good as a holiday:

Changing the colour of your bed linen immediately brings a new freshness to a room. If you’ve been saturated with pastels or white, go wild and take a rich chocolate brown or dark grey duvet set that immediately adds richness to the room. Or, if quirky is your style, then choose a tartan cover that adds a touch of the country to the room. Country or glamorous; it’s your style that is reflected so decide what works best for you.

Sanders bedding
Using luxurious Sanders bed linen to create a glamorous hotel-like sanctuary.

2. Add contrast for instant luxury:

Look for cosy throws to layer your bed: two contrasting colours laid one over each other adds a new dimension to the bed (and keeps your feet warm when the lights go out!) We love the blue throw Sanders used in the bed pictured above; it contrasts beautifully with the golds and browns on the rest of the bed.

3. Stay a’head’ of the pack:

Now it’s time to focus on where you lay your head to rest. Look for unusual pillow sizes: the bolster or the long pillow adds comfort as well as good looks and a continental feel to the bed.

Sanders South Africa
Sanders creates an inviting place to rest your head with these comfy pillows.

4. Be a little scatter brained:

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Pile up a range of printed and plain scatter cushions against the pillows – select colours that pick up the tones in your duvet cover and don’t be scared to mix prints and geometric prints for a gloriously glam look. You’ll want nothing more than to sink into them with a good book!

Sanders South Africa
Scatter cushions, candles and more from Sanders adds a new look to any bedroom.

5. Light it up:

Once the bed is complete, look at the lighting on your bedside table – thinking about adding new lamps, lamp shades or even adding candles and pretty candle holders for a sultry, romantic look. Even changing the bedside tables can add another dimension to the room. No matter what you decide to change, just looking for unusual accessories can make all the difference to a room.

Lastly, to add to the new look; a room spray that echoes the soft fragrances of summer, spritzed over the linen and around the bed and you are ready to sink into your own personal sanctuary. All of the goodies in the pictures above and more is available from Sanders South Africa. Visit their Cape Town showroom for more ideas on how you can transform your bedroom at home.

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