6 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Nail Polish Chipping


You perfect those brushstrokes from the base coat to the very last layer of top coat and your perfect manicure is complete. Luckily, it dries without smudging and you’re good to go… Until a chip appears just a few hours later! We’ve all been there… and it’s the worst! But fear not, there are a few ways you can avoid the dreaded chip. Here are 6 simple tips and tricks which will help prevent your nail polish from chipping:

1. Not shaken, not stirred!

The tiny silver mixing balls in your nail polish bottle are there to activate the product’s formula after it’s been sitting for a while. Roll the bottle between the palms of your hands to get them moving but don’t shake or stir it as you are more likely to experience air bubbles upon applying the polish.

6 ways to prevent nail polish chipping

2. Don’t forget the tip

When you’ve finished painting the entire nail bed, drag a small amount of polish horizontally across the top tip of your nail. This will seal the layer of polish and help prevent major nicks and chips.

3. Skip the shower

Refrain from taking a hot shower right after you’ve done your nails, or doing your nails right after a hot shower. Your nail beds expand in the hot water making the nail polish swell with it. This is a sure way to contract cracks and chips when your nail beds shrink again once your body temperature has cooled.

6 ways to prevent nail polish chipping

4. Many thin layers are better than one thick coat

Apply your polish in multiple thin layers – if the first one is patchy or streaky, you can cover it up with your second layer. If a third layer is necessary, go ahead but ensure each coat is lightweight and dries in between.

5. Use this four-step application process

Allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying another:

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  • Base coat
  • One layer of your chosen shade
  • A second layer of this shade
  • And finally, a top coat

If you’re not sure about whether your polish is dry, check if it appears to have shifted from a wet-look finish to a high-shine gloss, as this means the solvents have evaporated and that you’re good to go.

6. Clean nails are key

6 ways to prevent nail polish chipping

Any leftover creams from moisturisers and nail products can prevent your polish from sticking to the nail surface. Make sure your nails are free of oils and completely dry before attempting a manicure.

Now go forth and conquer those chips!

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