A New Avocado Order… As Nature Intended


South Africans like avocados, and they like to eat them all year round. They will even pay a premium for imported avocados, but this is expensive not only to them but to the environment as well. Fuelled by increasing awareness around health, care for the environment and the high cost of paying for imported produce, ZZ2 Afrikado is launching its Harmony Avs into the SA market and thereby making 12 hand-picked avocado varietals available in season, all year round. That’s right, there’s a new order in town, one that enables avo lovers to have the chance to enjoy a favourite and fresh superfood the way nature intended and at affordable prices.

An avo for all seasons

While South African consumers are mostly familiar with the Hass and Fuerte varietals of avocado, ZZ2 is now releasing ten other varietals so that consumers may buy locally grown produce while it is in season. They have the added benefits of supporting their local market, knowing where their food comes from and knowing that it has not travelled far to reach them. ZZ2 has planted trees at various altitudes which come into season at different times.


By implementing the principles of ZZ2’s Natuurboerdery and working holistically with nature, and with the elements of sunlight, water and soil, ZZ2 has nurtured the trees in terms of their welfare as well and that of the environment (for example, beehives in the orchards) to yield the resulting range of ZZ2 Harmony Avs that are now available for in-season consumption in South Africa.

The 12 Harmoney Avs varieties available include: Hass, Maluma Hass, Lamb Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Ettinger, Ryan, Galil, Edranol, Itzamna. Simmonds, and Shepard.

Join the Harmony Way

Coinciding with ZZ2’s Natuurboerdery thinking, a new movement — The Harmony Way — is born and has been sponsored by ZZ2.  The Harmony Way features useful information written by some of South Africa’s leading influential food and health bloggers, including health and fitness enthusiast, Christy Ann, blogger at The Little Hedonist, Amilinda Wilkinson, WomenStuff Editor, Crystal Espin, and MenStuff Editor, Jeremy Proome.

Harmony Avs

The Little Hedonist says the Harmony Way movement is much more than just raising awareness around avs.  “It’s also about making the right decisions for my health and my planet – and who knows better than Mother Nature?”

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Jeremy Proome of Menstuff says: I try my best to eat locally-grown, seasonal produce. Being involved in the Harmony Way movement means I am learning about different types of avocados (one of my all-time favourite foods) and the fact that I can enjoy them any time.

Christy Ann says:  The harmony way is close to my heart, as I am passionate about living in harmony with nature, supporting local and eating in season. Remember to tag me when you try my ZZ2 avs recipes and let’s go on #theharmonyway journey together. 

Harmony Avs
Follow the Harmony Way and join the influencers who have started this new movement, where you’ll be inspired by specially created recipes and tips on how to tune into what nature offers … because nature is always in season. Tuning into the harmony of nature is not a passing trend nor is it some mantra that people won’t want to echo.   The Harmony Way reflects a growing awareness and consciousness that we need to do things differently if we want balance in our world.
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For more information about where to find Harmony Avs, please visit the Harmony Avs website here.

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