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AirPop face masks

We get it; no one enjoys wearing a face mask. But, with mask mandates here to stay for the foreseeable future, you may as well make the experience of wearing a mask a more comfortable one. If you’re after the most comfortable, and effective mask available, then you can’t go wrong with AirPop. The brand recently launched its award-winning Original and Active Masks in South Africa, to cater for those looking for a superior mask that prioritises comfort and safety.

Leveraging innovation in science, design and technology, these reusable masks provide best-in-class defence with superior fit, style and breathability — all tested to ASTM standards. AirPop’s re-usable masks have been flying off the shelves and now, the arrival of the company’s flagship masks — the Original and the Active — will only further AirPop’s dominance in the market as the must-use mask brand.

AirPop masks


The AirPop Difference

But what makes AirPop face masks so special? AirPop delivers superior performance by solving three key issues that plague most masks: fit, filtration and breathability.

● Fit: An accurate, close fit is essential to prevent the inhalation and exhalation of small particles and droplets. AirPop masks feature a patented soft-seal and frame that responds to different fit profiles to help ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. And the tented, 3-D Air Dome shape keeps the filter away from the face, increasing airflow and improving breathability and comfort.

● Filtration: When it comes to harmful pollutants, size matters. Anything smaller than 2.5 microns is known as “fine particulate matter” (PM 2.5) — think airborne bacteria, for example. AirPop masks create a barrier down to 0.3 microns with greater than 99 percent effectiveness at this scale. The brand’s unique combination of 4-layer filter material provides an effective two-way barrier against particles and droplets.

● Breathability: Superior breathability is also vital — consumers won’t wear what isn’t comfortable or doesn’t work. AirPop masks “give and take” in sync with your natural breath. And they have four layers of protection — from the droplet-resistant, non-woven outer layer to the filter and skin-friendly inner layer, to ensure security and comfort. All the materials used to manufacture AirPop masks are tested by accredited 3rd party labs to exceed the World Health Organization and FDA medical mask material performance standards.

AirPop face masks

A new class of face mask

The arrival of AirPop’s Original and Active face masks in South Africa ushers in a new class of face mask. Made with cutting-edge fabrics and AirPop’s patented 3D Air Dome design, these reusable masks are durable, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to clean. The Original is made for everyday use, while the Active is ideal for aerobic activity like running or cycling. Both the Original and Active masks have been celebrated with design awards including a Red Dot product design award, an IF Design Award in 2017, Japan’s Good Design Award, an IDSA Design award and a Core77 Design Awards 2018.

“We are very excited to launch the Original and Active masks to South African consumers. These two products embody the AirPop mission —enabling people to take control of their respiratory freedom through science, innovation and technology,” said Chris Hosmer, Founder, AirPop. “We believe that breathing freely is a human right — in 2012 my two-year-old daughter, who was born in Shanghai, suffered an acute and sustained respiratory reaction to noxious air. This personal experience led me to found AirPop in 2015 to advance respiratory protection through innovative consumer products designed to put performance first for everyday use as well as active outdoor activities.”


According to AirPop, the Original and Active reusable/washable masks feature disposable, snap-in filters that block 99.97 PM0.3, including dust, bacteria, and viral matter, and deliver up to 40 hours of use. Both the Original and Active models feature AirPop’s patented 3D Air Dome design that creates a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation for the wearer, resulting in better breathability and wearability.

The Adaptive Soft Touch Seal with an articulating top layer on both masks helps to achieve the perfect fit and can be adjusted to accommodate larger sizes and also creates a flexible seal around the critical nose bridge area. This helps to enhance comfort and significantly reduces fogging for wearers of glasses/eye protection.

About the AirPop Original

AirPop face masks

For everyday use, including travel and traversing around the city, the Original mask is comfortable and offers best-in-class defence against airborne threats. Made from engineered softshell microfiber to help create a perfect feel for the face. 300+ Micro-apertures evenly channel air to nose and mouth ensuring optimal heat and moisture exchange for delivering market-leading comfort.

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The mask is available in Black, Beige and Charcoal and features a replaceable filter insert with 40 hours of use per filter. The masks also features adjustable earloops for added comfort.

About the Active

AirPop face masks

Designed to move with you, the Active mask is a must-have for training. Engineered Airknit delivers advanced comfort, superior breathability and lightweight protection while you exercise. The masks is made from a specialised soft knit structure and designed with performance pores to channel airflow from outside in. The mask optimises the breathing experience when doing heightened aerobic activity like running or cycling.

The AirPop Active is available in Black Green, Yellow Black and Grey White and also features a replaceable filter insert with 40 hours of use per filter. Adjustable earloops enable the wearer to find the perfect fit to suit their face.

The full range of AirPop masks is available online from Takealot as well as from the AirPop website.


We’re giving away AirPop face masks to two lucky WomenStuff readers! Complete the entry form below to stand a chance to win an AirPop Active (valued at R1,799) or an AirPop Original (valuee of R1,199)!

One entry per person, please. Competition ends on Friday 29 October 2021 at midnight. Please read our full competition terms and conditions here.

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