Review: Uplift Your Skin & Spirit with the Placecol Betanin Hydration Facial

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Wearing a mask for long periods of time can be a real hassle. By far their biggest downside is the breakouts they can cause, particularly for those who are already suffering from problematic skin. But with mask mandates here to stay for the foreseeable future, the best we can do is try to give our skin a helping hand to stop breakouts in their tracks.

That’s where Placecol’s wellness facials come in. Designed to help Placecol clients look and feel uplifted, these unique facials offer a way to tackle the woes of breakouts caused by masks (now not-so-affectionately referred to as ‘mascne’). But, the benefits don’t stop there, the ultra-relaxing facials also offer an opportunity to delight the senses and lift your spirit, and goodness knows, during these tough times, we can all use a little upliftment.

Placecol October

This month, Placecol is taking the amazing benefits of the signature wellness facials one step further with a fantastic Pink Placecol Facial promotion in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The brand has announced a partnership with Reach for Recovery for the month of October and has pledged to donate R40 from each pink Placecol facial booked and completed at Placecol spas to Reach for Recovery. The pink facials are being offered at a special price of just R400 each, with clients saving up to R140 per facial! The promotion offers clients two facial options including the Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie (usually R450 for 60-minutes), and the Betanin Hydration Facial (usually R525).

Booking the Betanin Hydration Facial

I had the opportunity to pop into the Placecol Kenilworth branch to try the Betanin Hydration Facial and enjoy a moment of upliftment during a busy work week. Placecol’s Betanin Hydration Facial features beetroot pigmentation as the hero ingredient and is recommended for dull, devitalised skin that is lacking radiance. I struggle with hydration and dull- lacklustre skin (I mean, who isn’t after a long winter?) so the treatment sounded like it was just what my skin needed.

Placecol Willowbridge

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The hour-long treatment is designed to refresh and renew the skin and is the perfect spring pick-me-up. It is an intensely cooling and hydrating facial which contains Betanin, a potent antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage and gives beetroot its deep red colour. It’s also rich in Vitamin C, to boost immunity and stimulate cell function, and contains generous quantities of minerals essential for skin health, such as iron, potassium, manganese and the folate that is essential for healthy cell growth.

With beetroot’s deeply detoxifying properties, this facial is a real must-try for anyone who feels like their skin needs a boost. It left my tired skin feeling super soft and refreshed and looking radiant. I had an amazing glow after the treatment, and I could feel my skin had really been nourished with all sorts of good-for-you stuff. I would highly recommend the treatment as a special treat for anyone looking to treat their skin and relax, or even as a gift for a special someone this month.

The facial is available at all Placecol spas and the Pink Placecol Facial promotion runs until 31 October. Click here to find a Placecol branch near you. 

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