This Chocolate Mousse Martini Recipe Will Change Your Life [Recipe]

African Dusk Martini

Do you love chocolate? If you answered YES, YES, YES then you need to try this absolutely fabulous African Dusk Martini recipe! Dreamed up by Amarula, South Africa’s favourite cream liqueur, this delicious cocktail is made with chocolate mousse, Amarula and all sorts of other yummy ingredients.

African Dusk Martini

Amarula Cream shaken with a dash of vodka and rich chocolate mousse, served in a chilled martini glass is a celebration of friendships, in style.

Ingredients (per serving)

2 shots (50 ml) Amarula Cream

1 shot (25 ml) Mainstay 54 Island Vodka

1 cup (250 ml) chocolate mousse

Shaved or grated white and/or dark chocolate (for garnishing)

Raspberries (for garnishing) (optional)

Glass: Chilled martini (no ice)

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Garnish: Shaved or grated white and/or dark chocolate, and raspberries (optional)


Combine the Amarula Cream, Mainstay 54 Island Vodka and chocolate mousse in a cocktail shaker or container with a lid to seal. Shake well and strain into the chilled martini glass. Don’t add ice. Garnish with shaved or grated white and/or dark chocolate, and raspberries (optional).

For more fabulous recipes visit the Amarula website.

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