An Old-Timey Phone on Every Table? This Cape Town Spot Lets You Call the Bar to Place Your Order

Alexander Bar

Nothing excites us more than a hangout with a good gimmick. Because nothing says; “fun” quite like a nod to another era, an unexpected activity, or a quirky detail. There are loads of places in Cape Town with good ‘crowd drawing’ gimmicks but none of those places have working, antique dial telephones on every table like the wonderfully quirky Alexander Bar. Located on Strand Street, this unique spot offers guests the opportunity to take a trip back in time while simultaneously making the way you order your next G&T more fun.

A mix of old world charm and contemporary glamour, Alexander Bar is an inner-city hangout well worth visiting. The bar was engineered to get people talking, and the functioning antique rotary dial telephone system encourages just that. Not only are the phones a great talking point for striking up conversation with your mates, but they can also be used to chat to people all over the bar. Want to complement the girl two tables over on her dress? Simply pick up the phone and chat away! Perhaps even better is you can also dial 9 to ring the bartender and place an order. Brilliant!

The menu is fairly priced and there’s something to eat and drink whether you’re on a student budget or feel like splashing out. The menu favours craft beers and local wines from smaller producers and also offers a range of classic cocktails. Order a drink and a something to nibble on while you listen to the soothing sounds of ambient jazz pipped from the speakers and pat yourself on the back for being so darn hip it hurts.

Of course, the great wine and cocktails aren’t the only reason to visit, there’s also a theatre upstairs. The brainchild of playwright Nicholas Spagnoletti, Alexander Upstairs offers a line-up of everything from stand-up comedy to satire, drama and physical theatre. With 65 to 80% of ticket sales going directly to the artists, the intimate, 44-seater is a space for fostering local talent rather bringing in big theatre bucks.

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Find Alexander Bar 76 Strand Street, Cape Town. The bar is open from 17:00 to 23:00, Monday and Tuesdays, and from 17:00 – 01:00 Wednesdays to Saturdays. The kitchen is open until 22:30. For more information on current and forthcoming shows visit Alexander Bars website here.

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