AngelBerry Takes Froyo Bars to New Heights! [Review]

Angelberry south africa

The froyo craze is still in full swing here in South Africa and it seems like every week there’s a new spot peddling their unique brand of frozen yoghurt. Of course, we all know that most of them pretty much serve the same old froyo which is why I don’t tend to get too excited every time a new one pops up. I’m sure most people have had this experience but that definitely isn’t the case with today’s new froyo find. UK import, AngelBerry is a refreshing addition to the South African froyo scene and I can honestly say I was blown away when I paid a visit to their first Cape Town store last week. Here’s why you need to pay them a visit with your friends, family and work colleagues soon!

Angelberry south africa
AngelBerry offers a self-serve, pay-by-weight system. Choose from 2 cups sizes and treat yourself!

Located in the centre of the Cape Town CBD, the new self-serve froyo bar in Cape Town is just the spot to visit when you’re looking for a relatively guilt-free treat during the work day or on the weekend. But this spot isn’t just peddling froyo – nope, they’re also ready to tempt you with gelato, waffles, pancakes, smoothies, all sorts of yummy toppings, hot beverages, and a breakfast menu of note.

Angelberry south africa
The AngelBerry froyo bar in Cape Town.

But let’s start with the frozen yoghurt. My pet peeve when it comes to froyo joints is that, more often than not, it ALL tastes the same. I’m convinced that most of these places fill their machines with different coloured vanilla flavoured yoghurt and then sit around sniggering when customers claim to have a favourite flavour (froyo conspiracy anyone?) Luckily that isn’t the case with AngelBerry – their frozen yoghurt is good, very good! Every variety I sampled (and I sampled a lot) had a distinct taste and was impressively full-flavored. That’s right, the Wild Berry flavour tastes likes it is made with real berries (imagine that!) and the Chocolate flavour tastes like pure heaven.

Angelberry south africa
We started off small with a some simple froyo and toppings.

Another cool thing about AngelBerry’s froyo is that it’s low in carbs and 100 percent natural – making it an obvious choice for health conscious eaters. It’s also the perfect treat for those with Diabetes and food intolerances as the menu also includes Stevia sweetened options and gluten-free choices. When I paid a visit they had eight flavours on offer including delicious Lemon and Vanilla gluten-free options as well as Stevia sweetened Wild Berry, Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream. And, for those who can’t eat eggs, there was the egg-free Vanilla Custard, frozen custard. I tried all of these and couldn’t believe they were sugar-free and gluten-free options because they were just, if not more flavourful as the regular froyo flavours and they’re so creamy you could swear you’re eating ice cream! AngelBerry also has 60 different flavours on rotation each week so there’s always something new to discover in store.

Angelberry south africa
So many delicious options including sweets, fresh fruit and sauces.

But, as I said, AngelBerry offers so much more than just frozen yoghurt. Most days they also have some gelato flavours on offer for customers to enjoy. When I popped into the Cape Town store they had Nutella and Pina-Colada gelato and they were both incredibly delicious. The Nutella gelato was a Nutella lover’s dream and the Pina-Colada was like a Caribbean holiday in a tub! If you’re after so much more than just ice cream and gelato in a tub then you can’t go wrong with a freshly prepared waffle, pancake, smoothie, shake, hot chocolates, parfaits, or ice cream cone.

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Angelberry south africa
A delicious Belgian-style waffle.

I tried a delicious Belgian-style Banoffee waffle (with banana, whipped cream, maple syrup and a gelato or froyo of my choice – a steal at R25!), a Chocolate Feast pancake (with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and froyo of my choice – R15 for a double stack), A Tropical Twist Smoothie (R25), a Fruit & Nut Parfait (R25), and a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (R24). The waffles were crispy, golden-brown, and all kinds of delicious while the pancakes were delightfully light and airy with plenty of flavour. As for the drinks – the hot chocolate was beyond decadent and the smoothie was deliciously fruity and creamy. Basically, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to order at AngelBerry – it’s all a winner of note and the staff are super friendly and helpful to newbies who don’t know the menu.

Angelberry south africa
Smoothies to go – Cookies & Cream and Tropical Twist.

AngelBerry has a few stores in Johannesburg as well as a store in Cape Town. You can find the Cape Town store at the new Food Lovers Eatery at Standard Bank Towers, St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre. For more information on AngelBerry locations and flavours visit the AngelBerry website or say Hi to AngelBerry South Africa on Facebook.

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