As the global population of bees continues to decline and the demand for honey continues to increase, many people are looking for bee-free alternatives to the sweet nectar. Luckily South African shoppers with a sweet tooth now have an alternative to the golden sweetener thanks to Woolworths. The retailer has just introduced a new vegan honey alternative, ‘Honee’ for those moments when you’re craving something similar to the sweet taste of honey

Made from concentrated apple juice, Woolworths’ new ‘Honee’ is manufactured by Herbivore, a Cape Town-based husband-and-wife team that also supplies Woolworths with kale chips, mushroom biltong, and date balls.

Honee has officially hit the shelves of 100 Woolworths food stores across the country as well as the Woolworths online store. Woolworths says the honey alternative can be enjoyed on pancakes, yoghurt, breakfast cereal, as well as on baked goods or as a glaze on your favourite dish.

Vegan Honee

While some who have tried the product described the taste as similar to apricot jam and “too sweet” others are raving about the bee-free spread and its close-to-authentic honey-like consistency.

With 1,363 kilojoules of energy and 80 grams of carbohydrates per 100g, Honee is still a calorific sweetener but would still serve as a more natural, healthier alternative to refined sugar for those who aren’t counting calories.

Woolworths Vegan Honee is available at select Woolworths food stores at R56.99 per 330g jar

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