Blue Light from Your Phone & Laptop is Damaging Your Skin, Here’s How to Fight It [Review]

Payot Blue Techni Liss

You’ve had a long week slaving away in front of your computer so you decide to spend Saturday night in bed, binge-watching your favourite Netflix series on your laptop. Your night in might be great for the soul, but as it turns out, it’s not so great for your skin! Our increasingly hectic lifestyles desynchronise our biological clocks, resulting in our biorhythms being turned upside down and it shows on the face in the form of premature wrinkles, a dull complexion, and dehydrated skin. Luckily Payot has a solution with the new Blue Techni Liss range, designed to reduce the impact of blue light on the skin. The range offers an exciting array of products but my favourite is hands down the Payot Blue Techni Liss Week-End Peel Mask. The perfect way to erase a week of binge-watching sins, this sheet mask is a home-body’s new best friend.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in a world where the fun is being sucked out of everything — you’ve got another no-no to add to the list in the form of your binge-watching habits. We all know we need to protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays, but studies are showing that blue light (aka HEVL or high-energy visible light) emitted from your mobile, laptop and other devices, can take a toll on your skin, leading to hyper-pigmentation and premature ageing. Luckily fighting the effects of blue light can be as easy as relaxing with a sheet mask once a week.

Payot Blue Techni Liss
Payot Blue Techni Liss  Concentré Chrono-plumping serum.

Payot has designed a fantastic new range of products specifically designed for people concerned about the effects blue light on their skin (Millennials, I’m looking at you!). The key ingredient in the range, chaste tree, helps to fight the effects of desynchronised skin biorhythms and mitigates the impact of blue light on the skin, allowing it to regenerate easily. The range includes the Payot Blue Techni Liss  Concentré Chrono-plumping serum, Jour Chrono-Smoothing Cream, Regard Chrono-Smoothing Cream Gel, Nuit Chrono-Regenerating Balm, and Week-End Chrono-Renewing Peel Mask.

Netflix super users and workaholics looking for something a little more powerful will love the Payot Blue Techni Liss Concentré (R765). This luxurious new anti-ageing serum offers a daily shot of youth to the skin with a high concentration of three sources of hyaluronic acid for visibly smoothed, plumped skin, and filled lines and wrinkles. This serum can easily be added to your daily skincare routine and is a sure-fire way to combat the effects of blue light on the skin. I used this luxurious serum for a few weeks and the results were indeed impressive. I started to notice that my skin looked more radiant and dewy after just a few days of use. The serum has a creamy, lotion-like texture and soaks into the skin super quickly. To use simply apply before your moisturiser every morning and enjoy the subtle immediate plumping effect this serum has on the skin.

Payot Blue Techni Liss

If you don’t have the budget for the serum just yet, but still want to reap the benefits of the Payot Blue Techni Liss range then I would highly recommend the Payot Blue Techni Liss Week-End Peel Mask (R139 at Dis-Chem). The peeling mask smooths wrinkles and renews the skin’s texture in just 15 minutes and is the perfect solution for budget conscious babes and those on the go. Fast and convenient, it is a true winner for Millennials who love results-driven products. The gentle peeling mask contains a glycolic acid (8%) that eliminates dead cells on the skin surface and boosts cell renewal to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin, and renew the skin’s texture.

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According to Payot, the individually packaged sheet mask is 100% natural and recyclable, giving you peace of mind that your beauty routine isn’t harming the planet. These masks can be applied once a week and to use you simply cleanse the skin as normal, unfold the mask, remove the white protective veil, and leave on the face for 15 minutes before removing and rinsing the skin with water.

I was super impressed with Payot’s Blue Techni Liss Week-End Peel Mask and after just one application I could feel a real difference in my skin. My skin felt plumper, looked more radiant, and I had an amazing glow. The mask is the perfect treat for your skin after a long weekend and is also a brilliant quick fix before a big event if you don’t have time to pop to the beauty salon for a facial. Each mask is only good for one use, so I would recommend stocking up. I invested in a few of these and have found that my skin only gets better every time I use it. If you’re new to the world of peels, then Payot’s Blue Techni Liss mask is a great way to introduce your skin to glycolic acid, before graduating to something a little more intense.

The Payot Blue Techni Liss range is now available from Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide.

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