Build It Your Own Way with First Base Pizza and Salad! [Review]

First Base Pizza

If you read this website often (and I hope you do!) then you have probably already heard that I recently moved back to Cape Town from Johannesburg. Why am I telling you this again (yawn)? Well, it’s simple – because I am missing the heck out of one of my most favourite pizza joints in Joburg, that’s why! Not a week goes by when I don’t crave the awesomeness that is Andiccio24 pizza. The create-your-own pizza joint makes some of the most delicious crispy-base, cracker-style pizza you will ever enjoy and you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night because they’re open 24-hours a day (what a time to be alive!) So, for months now I have been wishing and waiting for the clever sausages behind Adiccio24 to pull up their socks and open in Cape Town already. The sad news is they haven’t done so (boo!) but the great news is someone else has taken their place and opened a fancy-pants create-your-own pizza joint right here in the Mother City (yay!) That’s right, suck it Joburg, we’ve got First Base Pizza & Salad and it’s all kinds of awesome!

First Base Pizza

Located in the Paddocks Shopping Centre, Milnerton, Fist Base has a modern laid-back vibe that really appeals to the city slicker in me. Forget dealing with waiters, convoluted menus, and all that fuss with the bill after you’ve stuffed your face – at First Base you’re in charge and I love it. When you first walk into this spot you’re greeted by friendly faces encouraging you to take a seat at the communal bench-style tables (because making friends with total strangers is awesome) or grab a table further inside the restaurant where you can eat in peace with the people you arrived with. The decor of the spot is funky, modern, and very casual and it is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat with mates before hitting the town or after a marathon shopping expedition. I love also love that the process of eating at First Base is simple – you order and pay upfront, avoiding the need for waitrons and giving you the freedom to leave as soon as you have finished your meal.

First Base Pizza

When you arrive simply grab a menu and create a pizza worth salivating over. I started with a basic margarita (R45) but you can also opt for a Banting or wheat-free base at an additional cost of R15. There are also a bunch of base sauces to choose from including spicy tomato, butternut and butter curry. From there I added some toppings from the rather comprehensive toppings menu (there are over 40 toppings to choose from) and I kept it simple with bacon, ham and smoked mozzarella. I love that the topping prices are super simple to understand – there are regular toppings at R10 each and premium toppings at R15 each – that’s it. The basic toppings menu offers a super wide range of options including protein, cheese, as well as fruits and veggies. And the best bit is there’s only one premium topping – avocado! The rest, including delights like Italian Sausage, Salami, Cranberries, Feta, Olives, and more are all R10!

First Base Pizza

And the verdict? These guys know how to make a good pizza! It was all kinds of delicious and just the right amount of crispy. As for the toppings they were top notch quality and very generous! The pizza at this spot is definitely worth the money and you can wash it all down with a range of drinks including homemade iced teas and premium milkshakes. I had a berry milkshake made with their handmade berry compote and absolutely loved it. The milkshake was one of the best I’ve had in a long while and I’m quite sure I would go back just for those. And, to end off your meal, you can enjoy a delicious soft serve ice-cream with a choice of unique homemade toppings.

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First Base Pizza

If you’re not into pizza, then the create-your-own salad menu works using the same toppings menu and starts at R15 for a base of baby spinach, lettuce or rocket. Once you’ve decided on your toppings you can also add a few extra final touches free of charge – these include peri-peri sauce, coriander yoghurt, ranch dressing, mustard mayo, and more. Of course, if the pressure of creating your own pizza or salad is too much for you then you can also opt for one of the 5 signature pizzas or 3 signature salads already on the menu. But trust me it’s way more fun to make your own.

First Base has plans to open more branches around the country soon so keep an eye out for a First Base near you soon. For now, the one at The Paddocks Shopping Centre in Milnerton is definitely worth the drive! Find it at Shop 23, The Paddocks Shopping Centre, Grand National Boulevard and Race Course Road, Milnerton, Cape Town. For more information on First Base visit their website or say to First Base on Facebook or Twitter.

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