Cabin Crew Share Their In-flight and Post-Flight Beauty Rituals.

Cathay Pacific

We all know how long-haul flights can leave you feeling anything but flawless as you set out on your holiday. Being in such tight quarters can wreak havoc on your skin and according to National Education Manager of Dermalogica, Diana van Sittert, taking care of your skin before, during and post long haul flights is essential. “The skin is depleted from oxygen due to the low moisture levels during flight time, resulting in dehydration, sensitivity, dull, tight and lacklustre skin, explains Sittert. But if the lack of oxygen from one flight can cause so many issues for your skin how do flight attendants manage to always look so flawless? We asked Cathay Pacific cabin crew members to share their pre, during and post-flight beauty rituals.

Pre-flight: Boost your skin with a clay mask

Cathay Pacific flight attendant Tracy Wu soaks herself in a hot bath with either eucalyptus or lemongrass bath salts which help her to feel relaxed and fully energised. “While in the bath, I also use a clay mask to hydrate and moisturise,” she says.

“A cream based antioxidant masque is the best option during the flight,” says Diana van Sittert. “It does not look like a masque but rather a thick moisturiser that will protect the skin optimally from dehydration and pollutants that attack the skin. The Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is a winner – it will leave your skin smooth, supple and hydrated. A short time with this powerful hydrator on your skin and you won’t’ even know that you were flying for hours on end.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

In-flight: Water and serum does the trick

Moisture loss is one of the main beauty challenges during a flight and it’s vital to stay hydrated. Flight attendant Rizza Inocencio stresses that the most important thing to do during a flight is to drink lots of water. Her colleague Fei Yu adds that a good rule of thumb is to drink 250ml for every hour in flight so that your skin does not produce extra oil.

If you’re looking for a great product to give all that water a helping hand then a must-have handbag product is the Dermalogica AGE smart antioxidant hydramist. It can be spritzed over make-up during a flight to prevent tightness on the skin and to keep your skin free from free radicals.

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Dermalogica AGE smart antioxidant hydramist

Touch down: Looking flawless after the flight

Flight attendant Kim Manalo revitalises her skin with olive oil makeup wipes, saying that they are easy to carry in your handbag and when you use them, the product doesn’t dry out your skin because of the olive oil content.

And, while you’re at it. Don’t forget the eye cream! Diana van Sittert says that the difference in pressure can reduce circulation throughout the body and an eye cream can help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Finally, always remember to apply a squeeze of face moisturiser containing an SPF before you disembark – especially if you are heading to a sunny beach for the holidays.

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