Health Trend Alert: The Low-Down on Carb-free Cloud Bread [Recipe]

Cloud bread

Yes, yes we know – bread is the absolute business! But it also spells bad news if you eat far too much of it (sigh). So, if you’re seriously thinking about cutting out the sweet goodness that is bread from your diet, but can’t bear the thought of never having sarmies or avo on toast ever again, then we have a solution for you! Cloud bread is a health food trend that is so hot right now and bread lovers are going crazy over the gluten-free, low-carb, flourless treat. We’ve got the low-down on this delicious savoury staple – including a simple 3 ingredient recipe that will you no doubt be dying to try!

The fluffy, high protein bread substitute is stealing the hearts of many health fanatics thanks to its bread-like properties and light and airy texture. The trending bread is made with cream cheese and eggs and fits well into a number of different diets that don’t allow for grains, carbohydrates or gluten (think Paleo, Banting, gluten-free, etc). Of course, it does have (healthy) fat and protein in it because as much as we wish it was made out of nothing but calorie-free air it’s not. Cloud bread contains half the calories of regular bread, about 2 grams of protein per “cloud” and only one gram of carbs per slice. Sounds pretty good to us!

Cloud bread

This healthy “bread” can be made in advance and then stored in the fridge to be used within 3 days of baking. It also tastes best when left to sit in an airtight baggie over night. It can also be frozen for later used and toasted for a deliciously warm morning snack. Adventurous foodies who love to experiment, can also add spices and seeds to the base recipe for different flavor options. You can top the bread with a wide variety of toppings including eggs, peanut butter, avocado, cream cheese – whatever you can think of really! If it’s good on bread, chances are it will be good on cloud bread.

Just remember, if you decide to switch entirely to cloud bread the delicious treat does not contain fibre (an important nutrient we often get from multi-grain breads). Fibre has been shown to help with cholesterol control and makes you feel fuller for longer so make sure you get enough fibre from other sources, like fruit, veggies, and other whole grains.

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Want to know how to make your own cloud bread? Watch the easy-to-follow video below. You can make your own batch of cloud bread with just 3 ingredients!

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