Celebrate Swiss Day, a License to Eat Copious Amounts of Cheese & Chocolate!

Swiss Chocolate

Since 1891, the first of August has been celebrated as Swiss National Day. For history buffs, the day refers to a historic alliance concluded in 1291 by the three regions of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, which was to become the focal point around which Switzerland was built over the next 500 years. For the rest of us, it’s about celebrating all things wonderful like cheese and chocolate!

Talking about Swiss Day, Dr. André Schulz, General Manager, Lufthansa Group Southern Africa had this to say; “while known for their punctuality, precision and quality, the Swiss are also famous for providing some of the finest foods and experiences – from cheese, chocolate, and timepieces, to hikes through the Alps, everything is pristine, precise and of the highest quality. On Swiss day, festivities take place all over Switzerland to celebrate Swiss diversity and as the airline of Switzerland, we naturally make a point of celebrating the Swiss National Day too”.

Of course, when it comes to the Swiss we’re probably most grateful for their chocolate. Switzerland is internationally known for its high-quality chocolate and they produce about 172,376 tons of chocolate each year! Chocolate lovers with an affinity for travel will no doubt be interested to hear that SWISS hands out 45 000 pieces of chocolate on-board every day – the bite-size treats offer a taste of Switzerland and serve as a “thank you” to passengers. “The SWISS chocolate tablets have come to be one of our most anticipated on-board-treats, and constantly validate not only our belief that passengers deserve the highest quality experiences, but that the smallest detail in our service offering has an impact on everyone who experiences it,” commented Dr. Schulz.

But let’s not forget about the cheese – Switzerland is also home to 450 varieties of cheese, ranging from extra hard to soft. The Swiss took the first prize at the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2014 and runner up in the 2016 Championship. If that’s not a great reason to visit then we’re not sure what else will sway you. Perhaps the fact that Switzerland is also home to 208 mountains over 3,000 feet high – making it a great destination for hiking adventures and ski touring trips? Or the fact that Switzerland has one of the highest percentages of foreign residents in the world (24.3% in 2015)?

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Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the airline of Switzerland, serving over 100 destinations in 43 countries from Zurich and Geneva and carrying approximately 16.5 million passengers a year with its 91-aircraft fleet.

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