Chef Jack Coetzee’s New Urbanologi Spring Menu is Here

Urbanologi Spring Menu

Jozi-based, gourmet tapas-style eatery Urbanologi is never afraid to experiment with flavours, ingredients and techniques, and their new, limited edition spring menu from Head Chef Jack Coetzee is no exception. The eatery’s core ethos of providing a platform for forgotten produce still remains in this new menu, but with a renewed spirit of revival to celebrate the new beginnings of spring.

With ten new dishes featured on the menu, Chef Jack aims to provide diners with an understanding of the chosen produce and the effects of the environment that they are produced in, as well as expressing through this produce the bubbly nature of spring. The range is elegant, fresh and simple with a focus on seasonality and the essence of what makes South African flavours unique. And don’t worry – they’ve catered extensively to vegetarians with an interesting and expansive green menu.

Because the eatery is situated within the Mad Giant Brewery, their beers are a vital part of preparing their new menu concepts and encourage beer and food pairings. The Mad Giant beers are specifically tailored to these dishes for an essential symbiosis of flavour. There are also two new spring desserts to try – the Frozen Banana Malt Mousse which features a malted banana mousse and pistachios with a 70% dark chocolate truffle and a caramelised white chocolate truffle rolled in honeycomb, and the Simcoe Cotton Candy which features a charred peach, pineapple sorbet and candy floss. Definitely something worth trying!

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The new spring menu will run for a limited time only so booking is essential. Visit their website here.

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