5 Surprisingly Clever Ways to Use Wax Paper At Home.

wax paper

If you’re an avid baker then you probably can’t live without a roll or two of wax paper at home but did you know that there’s so much more to this kitchen staple than meets the eye? That’s right, you’re about to go through a lot more of the stuff at home now that we’ve found some super useful alternative uses for the stuff. Here are 5 surprisingly clever ways to use wax paper at home. 

1. Make corking wine a cinch


We’re not sure why you would ever have leftover wine but if for someone reason you don’t finish a bottle of wine in one sitting, then wrap the cork in wax paper to make it easier to remove later on. The wax will allow the cork to glide out easily and will also stop bits of cork from breaking off into your wine.

2. Make cleaning a breeze

Hate cleaning the tops of your kitchen cupboards or your fridge? Clean them one last time and then line these out-of-sight and hard-to-reach areas with wax paper. Instead of dusting and scrubbing up there, just replace the wax paper once a month. What a pleasure!

3. Keep your microwave clean


No one wants bits of spaghetti and meatballs on the inside of their microwave but putting a plate on top of your dish can result in more dishes later on. Try covering your plate with a piece of wax paper before putting it in the microwave and it will stop bits of food from flying all over the place – it will also save you washing up in the long run!

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4. Unstick the pages of a book

So you’ve dropped your favourite book (or worse, a borrowed book) in the bathtub – fret not, we’ve got a solution! Separate the damaged pages with pieces of wax paper, then close the book. As it dries, the wax paper will wick away moisture and prevent wrinkles, leaving the book looking almost as good as new!

5. Keep cheese fresh


No one likes to see a good piece of cheese go bad. Ditch the plastic the cheese comes in and extend the shelf life of your cheese by storing it in wax paper. The key is to wrap the cheese in wax paper and then again with tin foil.

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  • wow, these tips are awesome, thank you SO much….now i know what to do with the wax paper i have had in my kitchen drawer for the last 2 years 😀 <3

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