5 of The Best Free To Download Kindle Books For Travelling.


If you’re about to embark on an incredible holiday but your budget (and your luggage allowance) doesn’t allow for a shopping spree at your local bookstore before you leave then you’re going to be singing out praises in a moment. Having a Kindle is the best travel companion ever but let’s face it; books can be expensive! Luckily for avid readers everywhere there are actually loads of good Ebooks you can get your hands on at no charge – that’s right, gratis, mahala, FREE! But how can this be? You see, a bunch of classic novels have been released into the public domain making them free to download for anyone who wishes to read them. Here are our picks for the best free Kindle Ebooks when travelling.

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott (1868)

A literary sensation of note, this classic follows the lives of four sisters as they journey through adolescence into adulthood during the American Civil War. With strong feminist undertones, Little Women is all about breaking free from society’s gender ties and reaching your dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (1865)

This children’s classic is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year … and even better yet, it’s free to download! This classic tale is timeless and a must-download, even if you’ve read it before! So jump in and get ready to experience Carroll’s crazy world of mad tea parties, grinning Cheshire cats, talking rabbits and smoking caterpillars

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy (1891)

Some of us would have read this beautiful novel at school but if you weren’t lucky enough to be forced to read it as a teen then now is your chance! At the heart of this work is Tess: a woman who is betrayed by everyone around her. While the book is at times a heartbreaking read, it’s still an incredibly rewarding read, just make sure you’ve got the tissues handy.

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Tales Of The Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald (1922)

If you loved the Great Gatsby then you need to read Fitgerald’s Tales of a The Jazz Age. This collection of 11 stories is perfect for those who want short, quicker reads rather than a whole novel. Get lost in this magical world and enjoy reading stories like ‘The Diamond as Big as The Ritz ‘and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

Great Expectations, Charles Dickens (1861)

If you haven’t read Great Expectations then now is the time to get some culture in your life! This dark tale follows orphan boy, Pip and his rise out of poverty to become a gentleman. There are loads of mysteries and secrets to uncover as your read and you will meet some of the best literary characters ever created.

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