Conceal Regrowth & Grey Roots in Seconds with Color Recover!

Kampalook Color Recover

What’s your biggest beauty gripe? Believe it or not, in a recent poll conducted in South Africa, women ranked grey roots and root regrowth as one of their most annoying beauty issues. We’ve all been there; you spend a fortune colouring your hair at the salon and then a week later the roots are showing! The upkeep time and cost of colouring your hair is enough to make you ditch the dye jobs altogether and embrace the natural life. Of course, in this wonderful modern age we live in there’s bound to be a solution and I’ve found one in Kampalook Color Recover. This unique hair concealer helps you easily colour and cover the roots of your hair in seconds, leaving you with beautiful, shiny, natural-looking colour.

Forget spending a fortune on multiple trips to the salon, Color Recover offers women a quick, easy and safe solution to grey roots and regrowth. As soon as you see your roots showing all you need to do is reach for a bottle of Kampalook Color Recover and in no time at all your hair will be ready to show off to the world once again. And, before you think you won’t be able to find a colour to match yours, think again because the product comes in an incredibly wide range of shades (seven to be exact!) including blonde, light brown, warm brown, dark brown, red, copper, and black. With such a wide variety of colours to choose from finding a colour to match yours will be super easy.

Kampalook Color Recover

Now I know we’ve seen similar products hit the market in the past and, truth be told, they’ve been a bit of a letdown. But, Color Recover is different in so many ways. Firstly, I love that the product doesn’t stain or rub off on your scalp, skin, or clothes (because dye stained hands are never sexy!) The product also won’t flake or fade after a few hours. Color Recover is also free from ammonia, peroxide & MEA (Monoethanolamine – emulsifiers or foaming agents) so you can be sure that it’s safe to use on your skin and hair. Another plus is that Color Recover is compatible with all hair colour brands on the market, so you won’t ruin your initial colour by using the product.

Kampalook Color Recover

Of course, the big question is; is it simple to use? Color Recover is so simple a kid could do it and it works fast too! To sort out your roots just whip out your bottle of Color Recover, click on the Scalp Protector, and spray. I love this product because it allows you to colour your hair in precisely the areas you want. The scalp protector helps you hold the hair in place and guides the colour to spray in the correct spot. Once you’ve coloured the spots you need the colour will dry in just a few, quick minutes (you can speed up the drying time by using a hair dryer) and you’ll be ready to head out on the town. The product is also reusable for multiple applications so you won’t blow your budget buying a new product every time you want to cover your roots. One canister should last you about 20 treatments but that all depends how much you use each time you touch up your roots.

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Kampalook Color Recover is available from Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide as well as online from Takealot at R159 – click here to buy it online now. For more information on Kampalook Color Recover click here or watch the video below.

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