De Krans Unveils New Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling ‘Wine’

De Krans

Looking for more alcohol-free sippers? De Krans Wines has expanded its Moscato range with the release of the Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling. This refreshing alcohol-free Muscat Nectar consists of 100% muscat grapes with a slight fizz added when bottled and is sure to appeal to wine lovers looking for a wine-like drink to enjoy during South Africa’s  lockdown.

Even without alcohol sale restrictions during the nationwide lockdown, alcohol-free and de-alcoholized wines are all the rage at the moment. With the proposed 0% legal blood-alcohol level law as well as, a shift in focus to healthier lifestyles, alcohol- free and de-alcoholized wines will no doubt see a rise even after Covid-19 lockdown regulations have been lifted.

De Krans

With lovely tropical fruit flavours, muscat tones and a balanced acidity, the De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling will no doubt appeal to those preferring a slightly sweeter, fizzy option at the lunch or dinner table. Similar to the De Krans White and Red Moscato Perlé, the Muscat Nectar Alcohol- Free Sparkling is a great choice for sweet wine lovers who are looking to ditch the alcohol.

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The Alcohol-Free Sparkling Muscat Nectar retails for approximately R58 per bottle, and is best enjoyed chilled. Sip this delightful drink on its own, or serve it with a fresh summer salad, charcuterie or light meals. Alcohol-Free Sparkling

The De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling is available to order online from the De Krans website now.

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