Fitch & Leedes Launch Range of Sugar-Free Mixers

Fitch & Leedes Sugar Free

Great news for cocktail fans, you can now enjoy your favourite cocktails almost guilt-free! Just in time for the spring season, much-loved premium mixer brand, Fitch & Leedes has released a range of sugar-free mixers to enjoy along with your favourite spirits. Whether you love a good gin and tonic or a delightful mocktail, this new range of mixers means you no longer have to worry about counting calories when treating yourself to a refreshing drink.

The range includes three mixer options in 200ml cans; Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Indian Tonic, Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Pink Tonic, and Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Bitter Lemon.

With less than 1 calorie (4kJ) in a 200ml can, Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Indian Tonic, is a great way to reduce calories without having to deprive yourself of an uplifting G&T. Savour the finely balanced, bittersweet blend of the Indian Tonic with your favourite gin whenever you’re looking to reduce your sugar intake.

Fitch & Leedes Sugar Free

For those who love pink drinks, Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Pink Tonic is another great accompaniment for your favourite gin. With whiffs of floral and cucumber, the Pink Tonic is a must-try for summer. Coming in at just 5 calories (22kJ) per can, you won’t have to worry about having ‘just one more drink’. For a truly guilt-free treat you can enjoy any day of the week, try mixing your favourite tonic with a low-calorie non-alcoholic spirit.

For something completely different, Fitch & Leedes sugar-free Bitter Lemon is delicious when enjoyed on its own, with gin, vodka, or a non-alcoholic spirit. The refreshing zest of the Bitter Lemon make it another summer classic. With just 5 calories (22kJ) per can, it won’t stop you from achieving your health goals.

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According to Fitch & Leedes, these premium mixers offer the same great taste and versatility as the original Fitch & Leedes range, just without the sugar. The WomenStuff team is yet to try the new range, so we can’t comment on the taste, but if the quality of the original range is anything to go by we’re sure it’s bound to be a winner.

Fitch & Leedes Sugar-Free mixers are available at around R48 per 6-pack of 200ml cans and R18.99 for a 1-litre bottle at leading stores or for purchase online. 

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